Start School Later Masconomet

Start School Later Masconomet is a group of concerned parents, students, and citizens working collaboratively to educate the Tri-Town community and Masconomet Regional School District (Boxford, Middleton and Topsfield Massachusetts) about the importance of healthy sleep in adolescents’ lives – from safety, to learning, physical and mental wellness, and athletic performance. Founded in December 2015, Start School Later Masconomet is a chapter of national advocacy organization, Start School Later. If you’d like to see updates, you can Like us on Facebook to get updates on this issue via Facebook to get updates and information.

Why is a Start Time Being Considered?

The following medical groups have examined the available research and made a recommendation to school boards. The recommendation says that school at middle and high schools should not start before 8:30am for the health and safety of the students. These medical groups include:

In addition, the following local organizations have joined in these recommendations:

If you would like to understand the scientific research behind these recommendations, you may want to download the SSL Masconomet Sleep Research Binder (PDF), which contains many articles that explain the underlying science. Understanding the science is important for some, but most should be satisfied with the expert recommendation of the medical groups listed above.

Is Start Time Change Going to Happen at Masconomet?

Not necessarily. The Start Times Advisory Committee (STAC) has made a recommendation. It’s up to the School Committees for Masconomet, Boxford, Middleton, and Topsfield to agree to make a change. If you want to see start time change, you need to contact your school committee and let them know. You can go to a meeting, send an email, make a phone call, or write a letter. Every person who reaches out makes a difference.

Other towns in Massachusetts are also considering a start time change. Find out more about what’s happening with Start Time in the state of Massachusetts.

Who is the Start Times Advisory Committee (STAC)?

The Masconomet Start Times Advisory Committee (STAC) was founded in April 2016 to explore whether a change in start time is feasible for the Masconomet school district. STAC finished its work in May of 2017 with a recommendation to make a change. For more information Visit the STAC web page.

Important Presentations and Information about Masconomet Start Time Change: