Did you know Masconomet is among the earliest school starts in the country?

In the US, only 40 percent of all Middle and High Schools start school before 8:00am and 15 percent before 7:30am.(School Start Time Change, 4/2014) This early start time prevents many students from getting the 8.5-9.5 hours per night recommended by doctors for teenagers and young adults (AAP, 9/2014). Masconomet Regional school starts at 7:35am, placing it among the earliest school starts in the country. Our students usually wake between 5:30am and 6:00am to catch their morning bus. To get enough sleep, the average Masconomet student would need to go to bed at 9pm.

Scientists have found, again and again, that when school start times move later, adolescents get more sleep: their grades go up, they are less stressed and anxious, and they’re more healthy.  This table shows the percentage of high school students who are sleeping 8 or more hours a night, by school start time::

Start time % Sleeping 8+ hours School
7:30am 33.6% Fairview HS, CO (2010)
8:00am 49.7% Mahtomedi MN
8:00am 44.5% Boulder HS, CO
8:05am 42.5% Fairview HS, CO (2011)
8:35am 57.0% Woodbury HS, MN
8:35am 58.9% East Ridge HS, MN
8:35am 60.0% Park HS, MN
8:55m 66.2% Jackson Hole, WY

Data is from the landmark school start time study by Kyla Wahlstrom at the University of Minnesota studied thousands of students in multiple school districts, both urban and suburban.  Her results have been repeated in multiple subsequent studies and school districts. If you’d like to hear Dr. Wahlstrom discuss her research – and her initial skepticism – in her own words, you might want to watch this video: