In Praise of Snow Days and Two Hour Delays

A snow delay gives the author of this article a chance to see what mornings are like when the kids get the sleep they need. He writes:

“Everyone ate breakfast. Nobody was rushed. Our two youngest squeezed in some reading and played with each other before heading to school. My son and I chatted about college basketball. On most mornings, it’s a relentless and stressful race against the clock.”

“Why do we do this to our kids and the people who teach them? The quick answers are unsatisfying. Well, that’s how the working world is, we’re told. But kids aren’t part of the “working world,” and study after study shows that teenagers, especially, tend to stay up late and need more sleep than they are getting. If you think getting a 16-year-old to bed at 8:00 on school nights is a solution, you obviously don’t live with a teenager. If you think making them wake up early anyway somehow will make them better people, think again. Zombies may be “disciplined,” but they’re still zombies.”

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