A Call to Start School Later

This article in the Huffington Post really lays out the argument for start time:

“The real obstacle to change is lack of political will. Schools that make sleep and health become priorities can find hundreds of creative ways to run schools at safe, healthy hours.

Making that happen across the nation will take more than citing studies. It will take changing the way we think, and feel, about sleep. It will take recognizing that healthy sleep is shaped not just by personal habits but also by institutions, including schools and workplaces.

Above all, change will take thinking about sleep and school hours not as negotiable school budget items, but as matters of public health and safety. Once this sea change occurs, all the excuses about daycare and sports and jobs and even expense will seem silly at best. Requiring teenagers to be in class at 7 a.m. will become as unthinkable as leaving asbestos in classrooms or not heating them when temperatures dip.”

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