Plymouth, Massachusetts

Plymouth, MA joins many other towns in the state in examining start time.

A local pediatrician, Dr. Terrance McAllister, pushed for the resolution citing medical and scientific research.

McAllister, medical director at Performance Pediatrics in Plymouth, said he’s concerned about sleep deprivation leading to serious health issues and wants to see a community-wide discussion started on school times.

McAllister said he has seen teens who are sleep deprived being misdiagnosed with ADHD and may be prescribed stimulants, a known factor in possibly increasing a teen or young adult’s long-term addiction problems. School districts on the South Shore have been contemplating switching high school start times for many years. Carver and Silver Lake have formed committees to look at the issue and lead discussion in those communities. … But we should be looking for ways to take the scientific and medical research on sleep patterns and apply that knowledge help students – especially high school students – succeed in meeting the increased demands on their plate in the classroom, sports, extra-curricular activities, as well as greater expectations and responsibilities outside of school.

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