Arianna Huffington’s Sleep Revolution

Arianna Huffington has just published a book called the Sleep Revolution, in which she shows that, as a society, we place low value on sleep when it’s utterly critical for our success and happiness in the world. In an article on the Huffington Post, she writes:

“In 1942, only 11 percent of us were getting by on less than six hours of sleep per night. Today, 40 percent of us get less than six hours. Which is probably one of the reasons for the roughly 60 million prescriptions written every year for sleeping pills. And the toll is high — with sleep deprivation costing the U.S. economy an estimated $63 billion each year. The costs don’t stop there. In the U.S., drowsy drivers are involved in 328,000 accidents each year, 6,400 of which are fatal.”

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