Why is My Teen so Tired?

What Can I Do as a Parent?: 

1. Impose a Digital Detox: As a parent you can remove electronic devices at night, making it a wifi free home after 8 or 9 pm. Keep your teens phone charged in your bedroom in the evening. You can also turn the lights down at night, keeping the house dark and open the windows to let the light in before your teens alarm clock goes off in the morning.

2. Encourage Weekday Napping:  Since most teens are sleep deprived, especially during the week, they can catch up on sleep by taking a 20-30 minute nap before mid afternoon to restore a sense of alertness. According to Nap Now even a 20 minute power nap can give teens up to three hours of increased alertness, improve test scores and increase energy and concentration into the evening.

3. Honor Sleep Debt Hours:
 Often times, children are sleep deprived all week long. By allowing your child to catch up on sleep during the weekends you will likely have a more balanced and happy teen. Try to get them to bed by midnight and up by 9 or 9:30 and allow for a hour nap on Saturdays and Sundays. Just make sure the nap is before midday otherwise they may have a hard time falling asleep later that night.

4. Be a Sleep Role Model: According to the 2013 Gallup Poll, only fifty-nine percent of Americans get seven or more hours of sleep at night, while 40% get less than seven hours. We are all a little different, but on average, adults typically need 7-8 hours a night to feel rested and alert. Allow yourself to be a sleep role model, leave a couple things undone and go to bed earlier.

5. Teach your Teen Mindful Breathing Techniques: Mindful breathing is great for teens to practice before bedtime to help them feel calm, centered and relaxed.

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