Teens and sleep debt: the call to start school later

“In Newton, Massachusetts, where many of my students attend school, the school committee has embarked on a two-year study to consider moving toward later start times for the city’s two high schools, both of which begin before 8 am. During the past school year, they surveyed teachers, students and parents asking them for feedback, both online and in a series of public forums. At these meetings, some of which I have attended, comments from teachers, parents and community members overwhelmingly favor shifting high school school start times to later in the morning. Of course, making these changes come with costs: financial, organizational and the impact on work schedules and extracurriculars, to name a few. This fall, the Newton school committee will release a formal recommendation about start times, and I hope that in the near future, Newton teens can wake up later and, therefore, get more sleep.”

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