FLORIDA 2016 PTA Resolution Healthy Sleep for Teens

The Florida Parent Teacher’s Association released the following statement on adolescent sleep over the summer:

FLORIDA 2016 PTA Resolution
Healthy Sleep for Teens

Whereas, Research shows that adolescents require between 8.5 and 9.5 hours of sleep per night, yet more than two-thirds of U.S. teens average fewer than 8 hours of sleep on school nights, and

Whereas, Natural sleep rhythms change as children grow into adolescence, such that adolescents simultaneously need more sleep yet do not feel sleepy until later in the evening; and

Whereas, Studies have demonstrated that duration of sleep has a positive relationship with academic outcomes for secondary school students; and

Wereas, External factors like large amounts of homework, extra-curricular and work schedules, poor sleep routines and early school start times can restrict adolescents’ sleep and therefore negatively affect their ability to learn, and

Whereas, Establishing school policies which support opportunities for healthy sleep have been proven to increase adolescent sleep duration; and

Whereas, Educating stakeholders and establishing school policies which seek to support healthy sleep habits as an effective means of addressing sleep deprivation problems that hamper students’ progress and development such as absenteeism, tardiness and inattentiveness and thereby improve student performance; and

Whereas, Research also shows that inadequate sleep threatens students’ well-being, in that they are more likely to exhibit risk factors such as depression and suicidality, as well as engage in risky behaviors including, but not limited to, tobacco use, alcohol use, drug use, and sexual activity; and

Whereas, Adolescents are at particularly high risk of driving while impaired by sleepiness, and school policies which support adolescents’ increased sleep duration have been linked to reduced accident rates; and

Whereas, Inadequate sleep is associated with obesity in adolescence as well as with subsequent risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, metabolic dysfunction and other physical health problems in adulthood; now therefore be it

RESOLVED That Florida PTA and its constituent associations educate parents, administrators, teachers, school board members, legislators, state board of education members, the governor, and communities about the positive impact that sufficient, quality sleep have for teens’ health, safety, academic success, and future earnings; and be it further

RESOLVED That Florida PTA and its constituent associations urge local stakeholders and policymakers to collaborate in order to develop solutions and policies which provide opportunities for sufficient, quality sleep for teens