STAC Sleep Survey Results

On Tuesday, October 4, the Start Times Advisory Committee presented the results of the sleep survey at a community forum. If you did not have a chance to attend, you can view it here:

The survey clearly shows that our Masconomet students are experiencing a serious sleep deficit. This information, coupled with Dr. Judith Owens’ presentation the week before makes it clear that our children are experiencing a serious health crisis.

William Hodges, chair of the STAC committee had this to say at the presentation:

The data is pretty much on one side that when a school has made this change, lots of good things happen and not a lot of bad things. There’s really nothing else to say. Those that know me and know my involvment on this topic… I was a skeptic. I think that’s fair to say. Looking at the research I haven’t heard of negatives in making this happen. Again, doesn’t make – we don’t just instantly do something here because we have to figure out what’s really right for us.

A member of the audience added:

I also went to [Dr. Owen’s presentation last week] somewhat a skeptic and the actual case examples that they had were just staggering. There was actually one school that they moved their start time a half an hour later and it was so beneficial that they bumped it another half an hour later the following year.

Hodges: “I’ve Googled: show me where this doesn’t work. Show me the bad stuff. I want to know about it now, at a minimum so that it informs our discussion. And … I’m not coming up with anything”.