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Lonely male here

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Not seeking for any sexual contact at all, my interest is strictly below the calf :) Wanting younger I am seeking for someone for regular hook-up.

Age: 27
Relationship Status: Newlyweds
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City: Turlock, CA
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Relation Type: Seeking Ongoing Relationship With Married Woman

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To differing degrees, we all feel lonely from time to time.

But to satisfy the pangs of loneliness, you have to know that you are indeed craving connection with others. He knew what many men Lonely male here able to acknowledge about themselves but, like many men, none of his emotional struggles suggested to Emile that he was lonely. To understand loneliness, you have to acknowledge one of the most fundamental needs that people have: Psychologists talk about this need using different terms relational needs, attachment, emotional intimacy or connection, interpersonal needs, dependency needsall suggesting that others matter to our ongoing psychological, emotional and physical well-being, and Lonely male here far-reaching and profound ways.

Lonely male here Of course, people differ in the intensity of their need for connection, as well as in how they go about fulfilling these needs—for some, the need for connection may feel like a soft whisper that gives gentle reminders nere reach out, while for others, this need may demand attention until attention is received.

Either way, we must be attuned to the undercurrents of our need for connection, and when we fail to do so, it usually has far-reaching, negative consequences Lonely male here our mzle.

Why was Emile struggling with underlying Lonely male here of loneliness? Like many men, Emile placed a high value on self-reliance, a sense of self-sufficiency that was handed down from his father and grandfather.

To rely on others emotionally even others he knew had his best interests in mind violated a core aspect of his masculine identity.

But rather than identify and ultimately integrate these needs into his masculine identity where they might exist alongside the trait of self-reliance, offering balance depending on circumstanceEmile remained estranged from his own internal world, and as a result, estranged from others as well. Originally published on the Strengthen Your Relationship blog. Lonely male here has been counseling Lonely male here and couples for 20 years — 15 years through his successful practice in Connecticut, and for the last 5 years at his new office in New Mexico.

Lonely male here During his career he has worked with hundreds of couples across a wide range of relationship issues. He also conducts workshops for couples wanting to deepen intimacy.

Lonely male here relationship advice has appeared on television, radio and in national magazines. His recent focus is helping married couples bring passion back into their relationship. You can follow Rich on Twitter and Facebook.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Men are wrapped with the Lonely male here of social restrictions, and this thing bungles the entire relationship… Good points Richard, totally agree with you.

First Name Last Name. Struggling to Find Connection through Masculine Armor.

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