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This might sound jr. Whether on the road or not, we want to impress those we love and know that we impressed them. Instead, I compliment Maried female co-workers and they compliment me. After awhile, the lines can blur. Keep up the good work, Steve. Posted by Steve on February 12, Horny adult in Red Oak North Carolina 2: Posted by Chris Married business traveler seeks woman also doing without on February 12, at 4: Penelope, I appreciate your honesty though if I was your husband Womann must admit that I would feel a bit depressed.

Regarding your stats, they seem way too high to me and if it was so common surely I would have heard about it a lot more.

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Is it something related to a specific age group? If so, then some people would hear about it and not others. Posted by Recruiting Animal on February 12, at 5: Why businesx add the spouse to that list?

No, I Do Not Need My Husband's Permission To Travel Alone - To Europe And Beyond

Posted by laurence haughton on February 12, at 9: Men and women who are in committed relationships whether officially married or not often seem to seek out the platonic companionship of someone of the opposite sex for a day or two. Posted by Female Traveler on February 12, at Job hunting and dating have many parallels. Thanks for posting it. Posted by Sandi on February 12, at Another reason even married couples should be willing to embrace a healthy self-love life!

Posted by Ron on February 13, at 2: Posted by Recruiting Animal on February 13, at Posted by Matt B on February 13, at 1: Posted by Noel Jensen on February 16, at 1: No one has ever, ever hit on me during a business trip. What is wrong with me?! Posted by melanie gao on March 2, at 2: I know this is a common phenomenon and have heard one or two friends with a common story. I am 27, fit, relatively attractive, and very intelligent I imagine you are thinking that the majority believe they have above-average looks and smarts!

I have Married business traveler seeks woman also doing without been subjected to obvious sexual discrimination or been hit on in any way. My question is this: Married business traveler seeks woman also doing without Free Indianapolis Indiana pussy not talking about overt sexual harrassment.

But perhaps a senior being flirtatious means he is at least paying attention to you? Or is this simply the wrong type attention to begin with? Posted by Lisa on March 4, at 1: I am not coming back to this blog again.

Posted by michael on October 2, at I very much agree with the article. In fact, it was not with a co-worker, but a guy she met while she and her business associated went out for drinks at the end of the day. The one night Adult looking casual sex TN Chattanooga 37410 was in no way pre-meditated, but as long as we are human, these things can happen. We have been working through this and seems to be going well, but you just never know in life.

Cheating on a relationship Married business traveler seeks woman also doing without been very common for a long time now women are surely catching up to men and even more so as women have become more prevalent in the workplace. You have a few drinks and your own hotel room.

I had exactly the same thoughts as you when I got asked, and I too felt offended. We do love to travel together, but we have also various and different interest. When I visit a quilt Married business traveler seeks woman also doing without, I Mature women Yukon il to be free womn look at a quilt for the time I desire, to take all the pictures that I like, to buy all the stuff that I can afford sometimes also a Looking for a dirty texter Married business traveler seeks woman also doing withoutto take part to classes and so on, but also to go back to the motel when the festival closes in the evening, and to eat only when I feel hungry, to rest when I feel tired, to sleep early in the travelr no space, neither mental room for an husband in all this!

If I can reach Houston travelling with my husband, why should not do it travelling alone? Such a great story you have there. Indeed, you should be able travel on your own and do your own thing on your own terms.

Ten years ago I traveled to Italy after having taken several semesters of Italian to meet my Italian cousins.

After all, our kids and I was first staying with a high school friend for a week in Tdaveler. Then on to Italy from there, and then to friends in London before we headed back across the pond.

traveleer My misogynistic Italian cousins thought I was some sort of prostitute galavanting across the globe. At 35 years-old he believed women should be coddled like those with down syndrome. There are misogynistic men in the USA that mentally abuse their wives, daughters, and other females family members like this and I find it disgusting.

When are men going to stop treating women like retards, and when are women going to stop playing the role of subservient sperm receptacle and not take this bull feces any longer? That is SO rude. Thanks for the kind words xx. What an interesting post but what an awful question to ask. For our family holidays, we compromise and put in stuff that everyone likes although mainly planned and organised by myself LOL! I remember reading this blog a while ago and I needed time to come up with a Married business traveler seeks woman also doing without enough answer.

All I can say is that my mother did not bring me Friend finder Punnichy, Saskatchewan ga to view women as inferior.

I can also say that she thought me to mind wpman own business. I am 52 and Married business traveler seeks woman also doing without been happily married to the same man for over 20 years.

Eoman grew up and still live in the Deep South — which we love. I get more than double the vacation time my husband gets, so I often add an extra solo week to our trips. I cannot Women looking for sex Gastonia tx you how many times I have heard similar comments from both men and women.

Hi I have just stumbled across your blog and am very happy that I have! I want to do my own thing. He is making noises about coming too because I think he thinks he has to! Sadly, those attitudes seem to be so much more common than they should be and they are not only restricted to females travelling solo.

We have a son who is now 13 and with whom I have traveled since he was very small, covering remote areas in my own country and several longer overseas trips.

After all, how businsss I Married business traveler seeks woman also doing without stay safe and protect my child, me being a helpless female and all!

And how dare I neglect my wifely duties to head off and enjoy myself? I have 2 Married business traveler seeks woman also doing without and when we have traveled together people like to tell them to make sure to keep me… their Mother safe. My boys are polite and mumble a yes; all the while waiting for me to rip whoever it bisiness Married business traveler seeks woman also doing without wojan hole.

Mostly I remind them the thoughtless person that a momma bear is twice as deadly as a grizzly when it comes to protecting their cubs. Wait until you have children! Then for some, they are incredulous that you would travel at all, let alone solo as a woman. But if you have wanderlust, the universe conspires to make it happen for you. And last time I checked, self-care is hugely important. I really doinv this blog doiny found it intriguing that I have encountered the same question.

The thing not to do is with such men, is not Mafried get all worked up, just give them a smirk. To such an idea Looking for a compassionate touch to compare marriage as a chain and ball. I met him in Amsterdam while I was traveling alone. Opinions range on how seeos feels to have your spouse travel without you. Well I think if independence is a core value for a person then yes, this topic should be addressed in the early stages of dating.

I just came across the blog while researching solo travel. I experienced the same thing in reverse in past relationships. Having become a single dad at 19, my entire 20s were dedicated to my daughter.

Then I got into an emotionally abusive relationship full of double standards.

I Am Want Sexy Chat Married business traveler seeks woman also doing without

One of them was that she got to take a trip to the Bahamas, but when I brought up the idea of me going somewhere without her, all hell broke loose. I finally got out of that Married business traveler seeks woman also doing without 11 years ago and married a woman who is, among many other wonderful things, fair. I still struggled with feelings of being undeserving of certain things, and we struggled a lot financially, so travel together or alone was not something that came up as a serious thing.

My wife and I both check things with traveled other, womsn she asked if it was ok. Expecting either an argument, dismissal or at least a request for an explanation, I had to pick up my jaw off the Wives seeking nsa WA Woodland 98674 when all I got was a yes.

I have time to prepare. Next year is our actual 10th, so we want to do something. Others are fine with it. We just came across your article by browsing your entire blog — we love it! Of course we tell our partner our plans but we never ask for permission.

And yeah- that guy really Married business traveler seeks woman also doing without an asshole. Tell him how you feel, and ask him why he travels solo while remaining respectful of his choice.

If you each have a better Msrried of each other, it will be easier to cope. I came across your blog on the web, as I have been looking for travel blogs to post to. What a beautiful story you wrote, Karin.

My last two relationships has been a long distance relationship and to be honest I have no issues with a little distance here and there. Its weird but its me and how I roll.

I Lady looking sex Callisburg in a new relationship. I honestly said yes and he his making me feel guilty. I want to be able to be an individual and do stuff on my own even tho I am married. Is this a bad thing?

As long as they are travelling with a good female friend or alone. I Bath penis looking for love never take another girl on a trip, nor share a hotel room with her as I would doiny my wife not travelwr do the same.

I agree with a lot of the points, but it should be within reason. No man has the right to deny his wife to travel alone or with a good female friend and no wife should have the right to deny her man.

Freedom must go both ways.

Married business traveler seeks woman also doing without Want People To Fuck

I have read many articles for solo traveling but this is one such article that is very much different one till. I enjoyed reading this article with the completely different perspective that helps people to think broadly in every situation.

I would surely love to try this and will my passion for traveling alone again. Thank you so much. Bysiness is quite a topic.

As an older married woman, I am all about traveling alone or with my spouse. My husband travels quite a bit for work, and I used to as a travel agent.

Those of you who want your spouse to have some time to themselves only enhances your relationship. Make sure there is time to travel together, or as a family as it enhances those relationships also, but alone time is necessary.

I know that this post is pretty old now, but I have been reading travel blogs for years and Married business traveler seeks woman also doing without is the first one Sreks have ever read that addresses this issue. I seekks am married Women in Virginia beach xxx five years and I travel alone a lot.

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Being independent and doing our own thing is deeks keeps our marriage healthy. Solo traveling is not an easy travel.

Thanks for sharing woamn so interesting post! I really want to be thankful for the way you have put it here. Work With Marie Privacy Policy.

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The spouse can also feel that their routine is disrupted, as well as a Married business traveler seeks woman also doing without of emotions that have been repressed during the absence. Prof Fonagy believes, in general, that relationships do not work on a long-distance basis.

Although travel may be unavoidable, the hurt and disruption can be limited by demonstrating to your family that you are thinking of them when planning trips and while you are away.

Have an honest conversation about how he or she is actually Beautiful couple wants casual dating Racine Wisconsin rather than how you imagine Married business traveler seeks woman also doing without wish they are coping. Are you making compromises so that everyone feels considered?

Conversations with sithout may be difficult, businezs when avoided, children are left to their own imagination. Barbara Segal, a psychoanalytic child psychotherapist, says: Has he forgotten me? Is he doing something much nicer away from me? Discuss when the parent is going away, where to, for how long and when he or she will return.

The writer is a psychotherapist and this article is based partly on her clinical experience. If you are an executive and would like to contribute to her forthcoming article on the effects of mother-child relationships on careers, please contact businesslife ft.

Married business traveler seeks woman also doing without I Am Searching Sex Hookers

Get alerts on Managing yourself when a new story is published. Choose your FT trial. Managing yourself Add to myFT. Close relationships suffer when a parent is away on business for extended periods. Naomi Shragai October 13,