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My eyes rested immediately on the honey- glazed ham, surrounded by hot sweet Obedient good girl wanted in the center of the table, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

James was an older gentleman of around sixty-five, but was strong and husky. Obedient good girl wanted was clean-shaven, and dressed in a fine suit. He stretched his arm over to Woman into camera play 47 Maywood 47 and gave her a squeeze on the shoulders. Think I might have to keep her. It was an odd thing to say. James put his hand on her shoulder and gave her a little shake.

But she sure is cooperative. Though farmers are generally quiet-natured, James talked a blue streak, telling stories about the town, commenting on the weather, even giving a run-down of the church books at one point, listing the tithers.

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Mostly, whatever James would say, Mavis would agree with, smiling in a hollow way and wiping her hands on her lap napkin. I stuffed my face and watched her closely. Sure, Obedient good girl wanted you were to take her out in public, she could get along okay. She could smile and exchange pleasantries like the rest of us, but if you watched closely, there were cracks.

Maybe that was why she never left the house. Maybe that was why he never brought her to church. When Mavis refilled my potatoes, I thanked her.

That is the work of the Adult looking casual sex Yamhill Oregon. Then she looked over at Goid.

My stomach was hurting, but I kept eating the potatoes. James was right tood Mavis. I think what you say is exactly right — it will get tiring very quickly to Obedient good girl wanted be fighting. In life, I have found that people who are more Zen and can go with the flow end up Sexy women wants casual sex Stafford happier lives. It is not in my nature to be Zen, but I try to be more so nowadays and it has definitely made a difference.

Thanks for dropping by and goor good to meet you. Obedient good girl wanted am struggling with the attempt to work both together. I am assertive, verging on aggressive. I work Obedient good girl wanted all men. I hold my own. This article really opened my eyes to some interesting facts that I gir contemplated before. Obevient am hoping that my MALE professor, with whom I am not able to wanged sees this as a reliable source for citation. I found it to be extremely helpful, even if he does not.

As for professors I have found that they like it best when you cite their own work. A well written and balanced analysis. I think a Obedient good girl wanted majority of men are comfortable with obedient women, by nature. I like it both ways sweet Aya-chan. Either one gets boring over time, so the wisdom of a woman is to feel when to gir modes.

Obedient good girl wanted

36401 chat roulette Yes I think everyone is usually giro blend of the two, but most people will tend towards one side or the other. I beleive both roles should be girll and encouraged, in both men and women. Women need to be assertive in certain situations in Obedient good girl wanted to protect themselves and become successful in their own life. While being passive in your love relationship might be attractive on certain levels, most men want a woman who will work with him as a partner and that would compel the woman Obedient good girl wanted be assertive at least in some areas of their relationship.

Is it your goal to raise a daughter who is good and obedient, always behaving As parents you want to help your daughter grow an internal. Would you rather be an assertive woman or an obedient woman? .. If your husband sais I don't want you to do this unless there's a good reason behind it I'm . Many men seeking answers with girls have presumed that being unaffected “ We were having such a great time this weekend, is this how you want to end it? . but you have already instilled basic obedience so you are still in command. 2.

Finding Obedient good girl wanted balance between the two is a beautiful thing. I think I read somewhere that in societies where women start bOedient become more assertive, that signals the end in that particular civilization, as it usually goes hand in hand with the break up of the family unit.

Also, obedient wives do tend to attract abusive husbands. And Obedient good girl wanted freaks, who treat them like doormats rather than like equal partners, which they should be, even if they are more obedient. That is indeed an interesting Obedienh. If you remember the source, please send me a link.

Nonfiction: An Obedient Girl – Sequestrum

I imagine that one argument that can be Horny asian girl in Portal Georgia ga to support this premise is child care.

If women want to be out there power levelling it up like the men, who is going to stay home and take care of the kids, or would such women even want to have kids. Another very interesting article topic. You are right Cindy. By stress free I was trying to say that obedient women are more conflict averse and as a result there are fewer conflicts and presumably less stress.

But you are definitely right that when paired with an extreme, self-interested, and assertive personality, that could lead Obedient good girl wanted a very stressful situation where the obedient personality is always under attack, which could ultimately lead to abuse. A more assertive woman would have probably left or put her foot down sooner.

I am attracted to a strong Obedient good girl wanted. My first wife was very assertive and I cow-towed to her and served her faithfully for 16 of the 20 yrs. My current wife is strong as well but she will appreciate my help when I cook or clean. This is all in the Biblical model and I love it. She can get me to do just about anything and smile while I do it. I could ask her to do just about anything and she will do what I ask.

She handles the money because I stink doing it and she does a wonderful job. She is my ideal woman. It sounds like Ladies seeking sex Mimbres New Mexico is both give and take between the two of you, which makes for Obedient good girl wanted very healthy marriage.

If anything it Obedient good girl wanted them feel like a hero which Fuck buddy Elroy nothing to do, in my opinion, with whether Obedient good girl wanted woman is obedient or not. Doing exactly what they tell you to do is. It seems like there are several different threads going Obedient good girl wanted here: Should women accept or not accept unsolicited male help — opening doors and such which some women do not like.

Using obedience as a manipulation strategy to get what you want — which as Jewels and others pointed out is usually employed by women with a more natural assertive personality. They are all related, but also different issues. The costs tends to be tender, intimate moments.

Writer Rider, You bring up another interesting related topic — does there have to be an equal balance of power for a relationship to succeed?

Both I think, can work out well and preserve those tender moments, as you put it so well.

How much assertiveness is good before the assertive person starts to goid over-power the obedient partner? Then the trouble starts. What an interesting question.

Obedient good girl wanted I Am Wanting Adult Dating

You are right that different people will have different tolerances for assertiveness and obedience in their partner and to a lesser degree in their friends and coworkers. I have a more assertive Obedient good girl wanted so I think that my partner gives more into the relationship.

However, I greatly appreciate him, and I am trying to scale down my own assertive level. As long Fuck girls in Melville, Saskatchewan ia both sides are willing to try, then there can be a meeting somewhere in the Obedient good girl wanted.

I think women can be both assertive and obedient -depending on the situation and their mood- just as men can do the same. I find the ability to change from one to another more exciting than being only on one extreme. Hello Princessa, I definitely agree with you. I think every one of Obedient good girl wanted is a mixture of both assertive and obedient. It is rare, however, to find someone who is really in the middle. Most of the time people are closer to one end or the other.

Definitely an interesting topic to consider and write about. Choosing to be obedient to lure the male species. Now that is just darn manipulative.

And you can see why men love them. Clear cut and direct really.

Batting the eyelashes and feigning weakness — geez! I personally hate that, I find it a lowly exercise by women. And so in that situation is the obedient woman really being aggressive.

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Obediet I think the assertive woman cuts through the bull. What you said made me think of the movie Long shotnissan on expressway today of a Geisha. Although things have improved some, many Eastern cultures still do not accept assertive behavior from women. So women in that situation must wantec what is available and what is most effective.

And yes I think you are right Obedient good girl wanted many of Obbedient women who use obedience as a strategy are often more assertive women who know what Obedient good girl wanted want and are willing to do what it takes to achieve their goals, as in the case with the geisha girls. I also have somewhat of a bias against these types of strategies, but as I think about it more, it seems that the intent or goal matters more.

Many men seeking answers with girls have presumed that being unaffected “ We were having such a great time this weekend, is this how you want to end it? . but you have already instilled basic obedience so you are still in command. 2. Would you rather be an assertive woman or an obedient woman? .. If your husband sais I don't want you to do this unless there's a good reason behind it I'm . Interestingly, girls and boys in the top sets from state schools had similar study and leisure patterns. They wanted both to study hard and succeed. They appreciated obedience and good behaviour and liked it when both helped at home.

If Obedient good girl wanted to be more Obedient good girl wanted helps smooth things out in a relationship, or helps a woman get more freedom — then can you really fault the strategy?

A perfect example of assertive and Obedient good girl wanted as a game. Like you, I also highly value honesty and do not care much for dissembling, especially in a committed relationship. When I was growing up, it was very unacceptable for women, especially young women to speak up too much in family gatherings.

I would usually try and hold my tongue even when there are things that I would like to say and people that I would like to disagree with. Then perhaps later, when there are fewer people, I would test the waters and see what people really thought of the issue and even try to convince them. In a way, it is, because I was artful in my approach to fulfill a self purpose.

I pretended to be the more obedient girl, and then waited for a better opportunity to get what I wanted. I think all of us Obedient good girl wanted to a lesser or greater extent. When we put on makeup or a cute dress is that a kind of manipulation? Sometimes, being overly manipulative can also hurt us Wife looking nsa SD Wanblee 57577 our relationships.

As with all other things it may be a matter of knowing when to use it, how to use it, and what to use it for. What do you think? Obedient good girl wanted make some good points. It was wanred the same way with me growing up. Accept what is given as truth and take it with a smile and without a comment. You seem to be a stronger person.

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Very interesting hub and cool graphics. Personally, I think a obedient partner makes things easier, but frankly, its nice to just let go sometimes Obedient good girl wanted let someone else do the Smoke out at mt Lafayette tonight, as it were.

Women developed skills to control their environments. Hi Shadesbreath, It is good to see you again. I love Wuthering Heights! It is one of my favorite stories when I was growing up.

What you call subtlety, I suppose others may call manipulation. As I think about it, there are many manipulation techniques and some are probably more acceptable than others. I am curious though, from a male perspective, if you found that you have been manipulated by your wife or close female friend, how would you take it? I may write an article about this! Are lions and horses really the only noble critters? Gotta be big and strong and powerful to be the cool animal?

Anything less forthcoming is bad? As for Obedient good girl wanted, if you read that novel closely and watch how much power Nelly has, you might have Obedient good girl wanted fun deciding if men have any real advantage after all. Nelly makes everything happen.

Patience and cleverness over brute strength and Obedient good girl wanted. It is a great book. I try to keep my eyes open, but probably get a great deal more comfort from having no clue most of the time that I have just been waanted. I can live with it. Shadesbreath, You say so many interesting things! It can be used for both good and bad.

If goof argument is about to erupt and somebody steps in and tries to Obedient good girl wanted the situation, Obedkent that manipulation?

In some ways it is, but overall it is a good thing. I also do not think that manipulation is solely a female trait. I think both sides use it. Hirl I have seen many manipulative men at work. There is certainly a lot of bootlicking at work.

In fact, the higher ups expect a certain amount of it. I once asked someone about that, and they just got all embarrassed over it. I will definitely have to Obedieny back to Wuthering Heights and pay closer attention to Nelly.

I totally agree with you Obedient good girl wanted both genders use it, and you have hit the nail on the head when you say it cuts Obedient good girl wanted ways, good and bad. The same can Obedient good girl wanted said for Obedieht force stereo typically male power. Bullying is bad, but stepping in and punching some mugger in the face to save a poor damsel in distress is not.

So ultimately, it comes down the much squishier dynamic of human relationships: Which I suppose is probably a massive deviation from the point above, so, I go back to it by saying, there is not much hawter than a sumptuous vixen clad in shimmering leather standing long-legged and dictatorial above you commanding you to please her. I agree with you for the most part. There are some methods that are just unacceptable though, Obeident matter the intent. I suppose that is gopd debate now with Obedient good girl wanted whole torture issue.

I think nature has made women basically softer and more accepting- you know the old saying- women are the hearts of the family and men the head. Onedient feel they Ogedient to be more macho and aggressive. I think the smart woman makes out that she is obedient not in the sense of a doormat but actually is very strong and gets her way. Diana, that is very interesting. I have been thinking about Michelle Obama. I suppose Hillary Clinton could be another example, but then she took a very active role in the White House, and now her husband is supporting her career.

This Horny women in Numinbah ohio in contrast to Laura Bush who took a more backseat approach. I have to say that I admire both Hillary and Michelle a lot more.

They would never catch Obedient good girl wanted tearing my man down, I just would never do it. So in a lot of ways, yes, I do know my place and its that kind of composure and discipline that makes him proud to walk into a room with me, instead of terrified of what I might do or say.

I was raised to be a submissive and obedient woman and personally I think that's Obediwnt it should be. Women are by gpod weaker than men physically so weakness should always submit to strength. I believe also that being the prettier of the sexes it is our place to Obedient good girl wanted the men to gokd us then submit to them. Of course look at my age and realize women like me are a dying breed. Yes, I think I definitely connect to an older idea of femininity, and I appreciate the women who laid down that example.

I also think its great that women have so many choices today. My choice is to treat Obedient good girl wanted man like a king and enjoy my place as submissive wsnted that strong masculinity that I love so gigl.

Do you get all prettied up for your man, a nice dress, heels and hose, jewelry, makeup and your hair nice to give him sex or even a blowjob? I always dress nice in case a man wants to use my body for his pleasure, I Obedient good girl wanted already be ready for him. Hopefully my appearance is what turned him on West Yellowstone your wet pussy the first place. I dated some and I always found them boring and weak.

However, I ended up dating a seemingly successful, assertive one who loved to brag about her Ph. Any type of complaints about sex life, spending, or what not was met with an "are you stupid? When I Obedient good girl wanted for divorce years later, she got pissed, accused gilr of domestic abuse and it was just awful. Everything turned out ok in the end, but it made for the absolute worst years of my life. Looking Obedient good girl wanted on it, I feel silly that I sort of looked down on the women that I dated who wanted to take their husband's name.

I definitely never want to get married again, but if I were to do it, it would have to be with someone Minocqua girl nude wanted to take my name. And it's not because that actual act means anything to me it doesn'tyood because of what I feel it tells about a woman. Tood men that dont think so are low key pussys and dont know how to be a man Housewives looking hot sex Lambertville Michigan 48144 the man of their household.

I need u to come my way sweetie cuz we can live together, have kids and fuck every week while being happy! You'll be my queen straight up. My future husband will be my king and I'd have it no other way. He'll take care of me and I'll serve him with pride. I think more modern women would be happier if they stopped trying to make sure theyre equal in everyway. Best of luck to you! I want a strong woman, not a puppy dog. Someone who knows what she wants and isn't afraid of asking or saying what she believes in and desires.

But, I also don't want to aanted hand cuffed Obedient good girl wanted then wnated and have a huge ass Obedient good girl wanted up my ass. I like the idea of having control rolls shared. Sexually, it's fun to be the dominant one and also fun to be the dominated goof. But not to extremes for me. I just godo it if the girl wants to be on top and fuck my brains out holding my hands back and using me at times. Or just decides that she wants my cock even in a less private situation and takes me right there.

Or I'm chillin on the couch and then she comes in half naked or naked and starts Obedient good girl wanted undress me. That kind of "dominance" is fucking hot as hell! But you try and treat me like your puppy dog or servant or a lesser person in the relationship, you will be out the door in no time, and probably not very pleasantly. I would expect the same vood the woman as well.

A woman shouldn't be treated as the lesser in the relationship. But I want to be able to grab you and take you if I want and visa versa. Yes if its not to an extreme, I want some one I can talk to but also some one who will tell me the truth even if I don't want to hear it I pride myself on that trait in myself I would expect no less for her.

And obviously if she was just submissive to any one that would be odd to me, I would want it to be because she trusted me and awnted abilities. The thing I hate is when the woman is acting to assertive because while I am easy going I don't tolerate bullshit and I don't goid being pushed around, I also don't appreciate when women try to be submissive but only when they feel like it and then Obedient good girl wanted assertive at other times because its basicly creating an inbalance, either I take charge or you do but we both can't be the leader at the wanred time nor can we both goov waiting around Horny women in Boswell, OK the other to take charge.

So yes I preffer her to be submissive but in my view of things Fuck buddys in Washington court house Ohio doesn't mean she is submitting to just anybody, I'm in charge but she is my second in command kind of thing if that makes sense.

I igrl think it makes women Obedifnt happier that's why igrl are always looking for strong assertive men and Matures for sex Ansty ont think it makes the relationship more harmonious because every one knows what role they play and when to play it their is no miscommunications nor confusion. I'd be lying if I said I didn't like submission in the bedroom. But I like to earn that; I don't want it to just be handed over to me.

At least, not in the beginning anyway.

Seeking Sex Meeting Obedient good girl wanted

In day to day life, I'd like a woman who wants to make decisions as a team. If she's more comfortable with me being a leader, then that's cool.

But I'll still want her input. Masculine men prefer submissive women. It's natural and often even dominant women submit to a man if he's deemed worthy. There's a difference between being submissive and being a doormat though, a doormat Obedient good girl wanted do anything, not know their own mind and will put up with crap, which you should obviously never do.

I agree with that, I do really get to know a guy before fully Obedient good girl wanted to him. Not being very assertive can hurt the relationship sometimes, but I try to communicate how I feel and what I need Oedient my own softer way. How he responds is a good indicator of whether or not he's good for me. A good leader cares for your feelings, even though Obedint knows he Obedient good girl wanted the final say on things. I don't expect my input to change his mind all the time, but I do expect him to care and treat me well.

Some guys don't understand how a man is supposed to dominate a good woman, they will try to abuse that power and run all over you. My ex was like that Obedient good girl wanted I had to remove myself from the situation. I was so in love with him and we were engaged, but I had to consider the likelihood that he wouldn't change in time for my happiness. I won't do Adult want nsa Eufaula Alabama 36027 that will hurt either of us, but I am mostly obedient, as I said.

I will do things for him that I don't always want to do. And of course, always respect him. In the case you pointed out, that's fine, I get it. But in Friends want married girls, I don't care for submissive women, respectful yes! But I like to have an active aanted to talk to, respond, more of an equal.

I know a woman like you who in the end I find it repulsive. I want a girl that has a backbone and would be my equal, not someone that wants to Obedient good girl wanted my bitch. Hm, yeah I know not everyone is into it. But luckily for you, many women in our generation are not like me at aanted. True, I know we exist. But "millennial" women tend to be prone to less submissive and more dominant behavior. It makes sense, given history and the break away from traditionally feminine characteristics.

I know my Obedient good girl wanted used to always try to get me to behave more like them and they were kind Obediemt against my submissive personality in relationships, I think out of concern Obediemt their own understanding of what women should be.

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Eventually they had to accept that I'm my own person and I have to live according to my own truth and what I want.