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Sleep Research Binder

If you would like to understand the scientific research behind these recommendations, you may want to download the SSL Masconomet Sleep Research Binder (PDF), which contains many articles that explain the underlying science. Understanding the science is important for some, but most should be satisfied with the expert recommendation of the medical groups listed above.

What’s Happening in Massachusetts?

Are other towns in Massachusetts considering a change in start time? We track those towns and news about their changes here.

Individual Articles

Material for this web site and Start Masco Later presentations is gathered from nearly three decades of sleep research and publications. Hundreds of articles, research papers, videos, organizations, and other sources are all here, in case you want to understand the issue more fully. These sources are grouped by topic in a Google Sheet, so that you can download them, search them, and sort them. Click here to view all the sources (in a Google Sheet)


There are a number of  Videos on the topic of sleep health and adolescents

Anyone who says they don’t believe the science behind the relationship between start time and adolescent sleep deprivation really hasn’t looked at the science. A quick google search and an hour of two of reading will show you that all the research agrees: 1) Adolescent sleep is different from adult sleep: they need more hours and their sleep window is later. 2) Adolescents are sleep deprived. 3) Sleep deprivation is dangerous for their health and safety and has an effect on their mood and academic success. 4) While parents can and should emphasize good sleeping habits, when schools adjust their start times to align with natural teen biology, the kids get more sleep.