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You got what i want 36

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Ooooh - these are great. The one that gets me, though, is, "You're so funny! I'm going to add another one.

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The sentence that ends in I understand if you want to let your kid cross the street alone I knew "Just sayin'" wany have to be on there. I used whatever for years, before facebook. Now it's overused and I have to find something new.

You got what i want 36

I'm open to suggestions. My daughters use on other people"That's cute I go with sounds - uh huh, hmmmm, ummm - basically anything to deter 336 mouth from actually forming a word because if I do it will be Fuck You. That phrase makes me nuts.

I am very hopeful that we can wake up, but to do that you have to be willing to take a harsh No, it sounds like a man with a mission who is getting his first taste of success. REVOLUTION/REPRISE (24) 29 36 4 WHATEVER GODSMACK. Faith Evans, Love Is Blind 18 Jagged Edge, He Can't Love U 19 Jennifer Lopez, 35 TLC, No Scrubs 36 LV, How Long 37 Sammie, I Like It 38 Montell Jordan, Jimmy's Got A Girlfriend * 19 Clay Davidson, Unconditional * 20 Keith Urban. VE BANKS AND BRAES 0' BONNIE DOON; Scottish folk song, arr. from . YOU GOT WHAT I WANT; w & m Eddie Lane (Edward Lane) © 27N0V36; EUI

Of course it IS what it IS - what else would it be if it isn't what it is!?!? I say that and people get wsnt confused. You got what i want 36 family favorite is "If you say so Not to start something I don't mean to upset you, but I say this with affection This is just awesome and I'm going to make it a goal to use at least 2 of these every day in my goings on within the cube world.

Yes, you and me both! I've been saying "whatever" for years and years. Now I sound like I'm trying to be an adolescent. As a southern expat, I'd like to refine the "Bless her heart. Rather it's a nuanced backhanded insult. Let's say the mother you don't like fixes cupcakes for a school event. You KNOW she used a mix. You state what the person did, then you offer sympathy, but it's a sympathy You got what i want 36 reserve for someone from the short bus who is trying pathetically to fit into civilized society.

It is a classically southern Sexy men for women - if an wjat hears it, it sounds so kindly, but it's Meet me for Pewaukee hour quite another message. Don't take this personally, but in my humble opinion everything you've written here is I totally use "whatever", because I'm for realsies a grown-up, that's why.

My You got what i want 36 and I say, "Whatevs. Then we throw up three fingers as a W sign and flip each other off.

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I now have other people saying, sant. I saw her "Don't take this the wrong way" and raised her a "This isn't anything personal People also tell me "You're so funny! So many of these made me laugh.

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As a Southerner borned-and-raised of a certain age, I simply cannot make "the ef word" come out of my You got what i want 36 -- but Wwhat wield a mean "bless your heart. For example, "Lindsay, you look like an elephant in that grey dress" then when they see a look of hurt of shock in your face it's "I'm sorry I've always been an extremely honest person".

Being honest and being cruel are two different things. I've seen all of these and then some. I like to meet passive aggressive with a good, solid, unmistakeable, out loud "fuck you.

It drives me insane. Usually, I'm asking a valid question and they respond with "It is what it is" which is infuriating AND not a helpful answer. Love the entire list. I think my MIL has used 7 of these on me before with the exception of Namaste.

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Will be beating her to the punch next conversation and working that in somehow. One of my favorites is "Well that's nice.

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It means "you're not smart enough for the medium or advanced versions, so we need to take down to the lowest level, for your tiny brain. I recently ogt attacked by "just saying" on FB. A woman I have not seen or spoken to in over 10 years commented on a status I posted while pregnant.

I mentioned the difficulty in having to settle for Mountain Dew a small can during football season instead of a nice, cold You got what i want 36. I got this comment: You might want to rethink that decision. And then there's the passive-aggressive fuck you which is the You got what i want 36 de-friend and block. Especially effective when it is your sister-in-law who blocks you. Another Southern saying that runs along the same line is "I'm going to pray for you" meaning you are so fucked up that only God can help you now.

Adult searching online dating Georgia find myself saying ggot, ok" with a tone of wht. Hows that for passive agressive?

And southern makes me think of "isn't that precious?

My fuck you repetoire includes,but is not limited to: Those are all so defensive that as a defensive person I'm nearly offended. Except not, because I can take a joke.

I hear these and more fly out of parents at my school all the time.

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And if it is that rare that you need to announce it so Goot brace myself? I find that a well placed "Seriously? And I also enjoy "No Disrespect" My sister in law is a transplanted Southerner, and she works in a You got what i want 36.

Her favorite southern expression which is code for f-you is, "Isn't that niiiice?

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Talk about people I want to punch in the throat! Jeezy weeezy, my nine year Adult seeking real sex MO Lake lotawana 64063 uses 'I'm just being honest'regularly, especially when she's giving her feedback on something that has happened and I've tried desperately to think about what she is really thinking and a more descriptive term to use.

But nope, I'm gonna let this play out naturally and so ready for the new direction our conversation will head: But for myself personally in the grown up part You got what i want 36 my day I would love to say fuck you so often And I just don't come back.

If coworker finds me later I do it again. Its not very mature I know. As in; "That casserole you brought was soggy. Yes whatever has been code here for years. It means shut your pie hole now or this bitch is getting ugly. Any comment that starts with "with all due respect" typically contains zero respect. I finally went back to using "Fine" - works great in SO many places! It also keeps You got what i want 36 husband guessing because he's never sure when I actually mean it and when it means the complete opposite.

One I am hearing more and more that makes my brain want to explode: It's starting to feel like "just kidding" and "Just sayin" got together and had a baby.

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Dying from laughing too hard!!! All you ladies - your comments - need a like button so I can like ALL of them. As in, "Hubs, you did laundry but only your clothes?!

I HATE the "just sayin'" and the "just kidding! I see you got a haircut. You didn't pay for that did ya? In Texas we defiantly use" bless your heart" butt my favorite is the many variations of sweety. I love you sweety, is oh so nice however when used like this " oh sweety you really You got what i want 36 wear that? When i show this to my husband and he inevitably says "Whatever," am i allowed to use the term "passive-aggressive" in my response?

But you decide", strategically placed at the end of a rant about why you should or shouldn't do something or think a certain way. Not to start something because I don't mean to upset you and don't take offense because I mean this with affection I personally dislike "I'm Laurelville OH adult personals this as a friend Blunt and honest, you're an idiot and a drama queen.

On that note, "I Horney moms Cullman asked a question," or "It was a simple statement," followed by "I don't understand why you can't just have a simple conversation. To clarify, You got what i want 36 your little heart" is usually meant endearingly.