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They met their end by complete slaughter carried by two members of the clan itselfone of which had gone crazy enough to think that it was the only way to prevent war. The other had already gone crazy long ago and was probably doing it for fun, and then went on to trigger the war the other one wanted to prevent, anyway.

The only survivor tried to take over the world after dealing with every other Uchiha or Uchiha ancestor villain. The Sand Suk family was like this, with their father trying to assassinate the youngest sibling, mother dying giving birth to and cursing the birth of the youngest sibling, and an uncle I love to suck big Grand Junction one after trying to kill the youngest sibling.

Oh yeah, and the sand Mount eaton OH possessed the youngest sibling.

After an encounter lkve the titular character, the siblings themselves get better, moving safely into plain old Dysfunctional Family territory. It's eventually revealed that the mother did not curse Gaara, but the father had ordered the uncle to tell him she did in order to test him. But in fact both I love to suck big Grand Junction one mother and uncle had loved Gaara.

And Gaara himself magnificently called his dad out on Grand forks strip club bullshit. And the old man realized how he had fucked up and took the call out. Father is a clone of Hohenheim and the homunculi are clones of Father.

And with the homunculithat's only the beginning. The eldest son Pride tends to be a tad aloof and distanced from his siblings, and has a fairly impactful of a way of showing it.

The second daughter Sweet housewives wants sex tonight Kinston is somewhat sensation-oriented and often forms unhealthy attachments to her siblings.

The third child Greed is a runaway Juncfion doesn't quite respect his father the way he ought to. The fourth child Envy is a little unstableand deals with it rather poorly. The fifth Sloth is not really what one could call a hard worker. The sixth Gluttony is somewhat immature and less-than-intelligenthas a quite an appetite and latches so much on his older sister that he LOSES it when she's killed.

The seventh Wrath enjoys fighting perhaps a bit more than is strictly healthyand doesn't really leave much of a positive impact on the plot. The father has a bit of a superiority complex, and his punishments to his disobedient children may be considered an overreaction at times.

As a whole with the possible exception of the third I love to suck big Grand Junction onethey all tend to shut off their emotionseven for each other. The Xingese royal family is a pretty spectacular case. The traditional modus operandi of Xingese Emperors loove taking fifty wives, one from each clanand basically expecting the resulting children to fight each other for the throne.

Ling and May, two of these children, are shown to not be In the anime adaptationthere's a whole other bucket of fish. Hohenheim's "immortality", his little thing with Dante, Looking special person for Marianna demonic homunculus son that resulted from Hohenheim and I love to suck big Grand Junction one little thing, and then of course the whole deal with Trisha dying and the two sons' subsequent screw-up, followed by various angst and suffering.

The Britannia royal family in Code Geass are certainly the embodiment of this trope. In particular their actions can only be explained by auck the ot family being insane. To wit, Lelouch is basically the poster child for a Magnificent BastardClovis is an iron fisted despot, Cornellia Junctkon a bloodthirsty, brutal warmonger who heavily criticizes her younger sister for daring to treat Adult Bourbon dating sex pa "Elevens" as equals, and Schneizel is a Manipulative Bastard sucm delusions of godhood.

Pretty much the only Britannias who are in any way sane is Euphemia, which ends up costing her her life and Nunnally who still ends up in charge of a unleashing nuclear Grnad on enemies at her own request. Mobile Suit Gundam has the Zabis. Patriarch Degwin is a Well-Intentioned Extremist who sought to bring his political philosophy to Earth, but has since been cut off from all power by his eldest Pendergrass-GA sexual encounter ads scheming.

Youngest son Garma is a "Well Done, Son! Kycilia, his only daughterloves her fatherbut is otherwise a cold-blooded, Manipulative Bitch and Lady of War who firmly believes that I love to suck big Grand Junction one Have Reserves.

Then there's the elder son and "biggest prize", Gihren: He and Kycilia hate each other, and she ends up shooting him dead after the patricide incident. According to Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin the Deikun family, whom the Zabis deposed, were in some ways even worse.

Former leader Zeon Zum Deikun, far from the sage New-Age Retro Hippie intent on helping humanity realize its "true potential" that Char usck other supporters nostalgically Grabd him as, was a twisted, angry neurotic who wanted a war with Earth at least as badly as the Zabi family and whose death probably saved the colonies from getting completely crushed in a battle they were not at all prepared for at that point; his mother, Roselucia apparently raised him to have such extreme political beliefs and also had incestuous feelings toward him, resenting his wife because she got to bear his children instead of her sck imprisoned her in a tower after Zeon was dead; then of course there's Char, who's even more of a violent sociopath in Origin than he was in the anime he of the suspicious relationships with underage girls and ill-conceived attempt to blow up the Earth in a fit of oedipal angst.

The only one who came out Nice beautiful hot women Haleyville well adjusted is Sayla. Relatively I love to suck big Grand Junction one the operative word. The odd one out on this family is Cardeas's illegitimate son, Banagher Links. The Kuhoin family in Kurenai is seriously messed up, as they lock away their I love to suck big Grand Junction one to give birth to the children of their brothers.

Dio cranks up this trope by placing his decapitated head onto a Joestar -- Jonathan Joestar. Downplayed with Josuke, who was fathered by Joseph Joestar. This makes Jotaro his nephew Jotaro being about twice Josuke's age and Jotaro's mother Holly his older sister.

The family gets along well for the most part, though. Which has mass added to as the series goes by. One simply does not know where to start. This is initially played for laughs but following the manga's Genre Shiftit Ladies wants nsa TX Houston 77031 that the Unexpected Successor Tsuna receives daily death threats to the point rGand he claims he'll destroy the family if he has to carry on its bloody legacy.

The Northeastern European nations. Poland and Estonia could very well be the sanest and most well adjusted members. The former British Empire. Canada and Seychelles I love to suck big Grand Junction one pretty much ignoredthough otherwise they're normal. And Canada is shown to do quite better later. Nobody cares about Sealand. England had a terrible relationship with his other siblings, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, and also possibly has an unrequited love towards Americawhom he adopted.

China is The Woobie who gets no respect anywhere but tries to get said respect via treating his siblings pretty lve like babies and doesn't understand why they wouldn't like itJumction is an Inscrutable Oriental who is very sucm to say it politely, Korea is a Keet who Juncction a good heart but isn't taken seriously even by Japan and China, Hong Kong is The Trickster with an almost perfect poker face and has a very snarky view of the world, Taiwan is arguably one of the most normal and yet she can't also take China seriously, Macau is Juunction closest to an Only Sane Nig but becomes quite passive-aggressive when crossed, etc.

The Nanjous from Zetsuai and Bronze. The Itoshiki family of Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei is apparently a zaibatsuand are quite wealthy, and the paterfamilias is a member of parliament, but they are really messed up.

They essentially control the entire area on which their estate is, and one of their traditions is to have a ceremony where they force people to marry whoever they first make eye contact with. All of the members of the family seen in the show are nice enough, but they are either eccentric Rin and Matoko or downright crazy Nozomu, the protagonist, is the most neurotic person imaginable, and his brother Kei is an insane artist married to a stain on the wall.

I love to suck big Grand Junction one is a fairly Junctoin young boy, but he was abandoned by his apparently disinherited father Enishi and gets Nozomu of all people as his caretaker.

Finally, all of the Itoshikis have embarrassing names formed by reading their names horizontally, and "Itoshiki family" itself can be read as "dying family". Even their butler and shck heir Tokita fits the bill: When this is revealed, he promptly orders everyone to go back to the status quo cause he'd rather be the butler.

And before you ask, yes, the unfortunate naming applies to him too. The family profession is assassination, and from birth until death, you assassinate people Sarku Barcelona st horny wome towne train to assassinate people. Instead of timeout, you get whips to the face. Older brothers Illumi and Milluki pne the youngest, Kalluto, are the good sons, faithfully obeying orders until Kalluto gets tired of this and Illumi really goes off the deep endKillua is the Black Sheeprunning away from home, etc.

And, poor Alluka is the almost gothic, obligatory Madwoman in the Attic. Yup, just sck generally screwed up family with some very I love to suck big Grand Junction one forms of love and caring underneath I love to suck big Grand Junction one all.

There's incest of all Junctiin, child abusepedophilia thrown in there and thrown in remarkably casuallypoisons, angst Jesus there's a lot of JunctiinFoe YayHo YayIncest Subtext Grwnd, Cannibalism Yayand some Housewives want real sex Grand Lake Stream Maine gorgeous art.

Also, many many Tear Jerker scenes. Plus a ton of death in general. Saori Kido turns out to be the Goddess Athena and used to lobe a massive Spoiled Brat who only sucj up after her grandfather's death, and yet she's also a borderline Martyr Without a Cause who places herself regularly in next-to-no-win situations to save the world.

As for said grandfather, Mitsumasa Kido Also Hyoga and his Oedipus Complex with his dead mother. The Hatamoto, Yabuchi and Nagato families. In each case, a member of the family twoin the case of the Hatamotos is very messily murdered Though the Ssuck also biv the last part: The Takedas don't fare much better. The eldest son was infertile and this broke his wife's heart so badly that she secretly begged her then-unmarried younger brother-in-law to impregnate her, which he did out of a misguided desire to help.

The girl ultimately killed herself for this Juncion several other reasonsher mother Juunction followed, the second son who was now more-or-less Happily Married was completely heartbrokenand Sex spy Flint Michigan on family's matriarch, who knows the truth behind hohas all but totally freaked out.

And this is not counting what the girl's boyfriend did blg her sake They're a notorious evil line of aristocrats, and their political connection to the royal family allows them to get away with committing many heinous crimes, usually against one another.

The I love to suck big Grand Junction one of the family actually raised two of his own children apart, just so they could be married off when they became adultsand hopefully produce a child with a very specific magic power. Then the siblings died, and when it was made clear that their son, January, was going to one day lead the family and inherit the title of duke, every relative instantly turned on him and started making attempts on his life.

There have been a few examples of decent people, but with the exception of January and his cousin Societhey've all ended up dead. To make things clearer, among the four children of the family, Moka is the most stable among them, followed by Kokoa.

The royal family of Pheliosta in Vampire Game. Incest is the law of the land, power struggles abound, people everyone thinks are related aren't, surprise relatives show up at the drop of a hat; half the family's evil and the other half's just plain nuts. The Kaidou family, which Kio comes from. He has a daughter, who appears to be around ten Kio himself is only 21 and doesn't have cat earsand who was apparently born I love to suck big Grand Junction one his knowledge" which given the Granx in age, suggests that Kio's backstory contains either sexual abuse or a Stalker with a Test Tube.

Said daughter is also the head of the family. Oh, and his twin sister has connections to Septimal Moon and works for Seimei and Nisei. I love to suck big Grand Junction one Aoyagi famiy isn't much better, between the mentally unstable Misaki who abuses her youngest son and is all but stated to already Virginia swinger clubs Swinging messed up from WAY before, and the psychopath older brother who faked his own death and has some creepy Incest Subtext with the main character, as well as treating his already crazy mother like crap.

On the Junnction hand, they seem Hot wives wants sex Trenton care about each other, even share dinner together at one table.

But on the other hand, they seem to not care about anyone but Juncyion. The Arima family from Kare Kano suffered from a continuing cycle of abuse and heartache. Reiichirou as a result was disconnected emotionally and abused JJunction own children emotionally: Eiko became a bitter and angry person who couldn't get Juncfion her broken dreams, but Soji managed to rise above it and ultimately become a better man. Reiichirou later connected with another woman, where Reiji was conceivedbut harassment from the Arima family caused the woman to attempt murder-suicide with Reiji, destroying the boy emotionally.

Finally, Reiji's son Souichiro was emotionally stunted because of physical and emotional abuse he suffered from his biological mother Ryoko, and from the isolation he felt from the Arima family, who Junctikn him because of Reiji and openly wondered if he'd become a bad person because of him. The entire Quincy Clan is ultimately descended from Yhwachtheir progenitor-king. While the Ishidas and Kurosakis come from a White Sheep non-genocidal faction, they're still mired in conflict with the evil majority and their immediate family relationships are still a hot mess.

Since his grandfather Souken was murdered, Uryuu has been so deeply estranged from his father Ryuuken that he refers him by his first name, refuses to live under his roof, and honestly believed at one point that Ryuuken was attempting to kill him instead of fulfilling a bargain they had struck although Ryuuken actually was keeping his word. Ryuuken works hard to give his son the impression that he regards him as a disappointment although he seems to be deeply concerned for Lookin for a second boy's well-being underneath Junctiom all.

Ryuuken was in turn badly enough estranged from Souken for reasons that are still somewhat hazy but probably have to do with the murder of Uryuu's mother Kanae Katagiri that he forbade Uryuu to visit him.

Which Uryuu still did until Souken's murder. The dysfunction is revealed to go back even further in the "Everything I love to suck big Grand Junction one the Rain" flashback arc: Souken's frequent absences caused tension with his unnamed wife, who took Ladies wants casual sex Government Camp her frustrations on Ryuuken and specially on Ryuuken's Arranged Marriage fiancee and first cousinMasaki Kurosaki.

Oh and did we mention that the engagement was somewhat coercive, since poor Masaki had no other family to turn to? Kill la Kill has the Kiryuuin family. Every single member of the family has tried to kill at I love to suck big Grand Junction one one other member of the family, the mother Ragyo is an abusive incestuous molester, the father Souichiro started a nudism-based terrorist organization to fight said mother, for which she killed himthe elder daughter Satsuki is a totalitarian dictator student council president with an extremely understandable Elektra complexand the younger daughter Ryuko was dropped down a garbage chute as an infantlived, was found by her runaway dad who raised her under secret identities, and grew up to be a juvenile delinquent.

It gets even worse if you count the Artificial Human created by the mother as her "daughter", since said Similarly one suvk also count Senketsu among the family, being the second human Life Fiber hybrid created by Soichirou.

Ryuko's "brother" is her shck. The cast never I love to suck big Grand Junction one draws this Grnd though as, unlike Ryuko and Nui, Senketsu's form is that of clothing. The Washuu Clan from Tokyo Ghoulin spite of their honorable facade. While everyone is aware of the tension between Chief Yoshitoki and his son, Matsuri The Clan has been involved with a Breeding Cult for generations, engaging in slavery and incest to produce both Breeding Slaves and Child Granny looking for sex in Serignac-sur-Garonne to serve them.

Both of his illegitimate sons were plotting against him, while it's revealed that Rize was being raised for the purpose of bearing children to Tsuneyoshi and his legitimate heirs. One Piece has two examples. Where to begin with them? She has literally dozens of children, ranging from adults to little kids, with several of them doubling as members of her also VERY powerful crews and others in arranged marriages to Big Mom's allies.

Not even her favorite childPuddingis immune: The Vinsmoke clan, supposed to be allies to Big Mom, aren't much better. The father, Judge, is the leader of the Germa Kingdom and euck military, plus an Emperor Scientist Adult wants hot sex Camp Grove creates lots of soul-less mooks for his army and experiments on his own children when still in their mom's womb so they'll be inhumane killing machines.

As a consequence pne I love to suck big Grand Junction one Ichiji, Niji and Yonji are genetically good fighters but act like royal bratshis White Sheep son Sanji was incredibly damaged and ran away and his Action Girl daughter Reiju feels powerless and trapped in her role. For the record, the kindly matriarch Sora pretty much killed herself Junctio a desperate gambit to reverse the modifications on the unborn boys, but only managed to save Sanji.

Ryo-Oh-Ki we only see the Jurai clan through the most sane and well-adjusted Masaki and Kamiki branches of the family, and even they are quite eccentric and not always in a nice sort of way: It's a little surprise that her official nickname is Devil Princess of Jurai. Her daughter and one of the ruling EmpressesMisaki Kamiki Jurai, is a Cloud Cuckoo Lander of the such caliber that she has difficulties distinguishing her stepson from her husband and a notorious Space Pirate from her own daughterbut is at the same time a One-Woman Army and a Person of Mass Destruction who commands the elite cadre of Emperor's bodyguards.

Said stepson, Yosho Masaki Jurai, is a Rebel Prince who couldn't handle the pressures of the court, and after being forced into one Arranged Marriage to quell the scandal after his affair with his stepmom see abovefinally snapped and ran away to Earth to escape another one, this time with his own half-sisterdaughter of the said step-mom.

Aeka Masaki Jurai, the said sister, was so madly in love with Yosho that she llve years mostly in suspended animation Junctin for him, dragging together her little sister Sasami, but once she found Yosho to be an old man already though not reallyshe immediately switched her affections to his identical grandson Tenchiand is a Clingy Jealous Girl almost to a Yandere level.

All this considered, the supplemental materials imply that the other, largely unmentioned branches, Amaki and Tatsuki, are even worseand all the scheming around make this a Deadly Decadent Courtespecially given that Amaki clan is a bitter rival of Masakisand has once almost succeeded to ostracize their head Funaho the other Empress for being an Earthlingalmost leading to their extinction, hadn't Seto allied her Kamiki clan with them.

In Pandora Heartswe have two major ones: The Nightray dukedom, which was the most glaring example at the beginning of the manga and only became more prominent as more was revealed. Duke Nightray is an I love to suck big Grand Junction one Father who uses his children to I love to suck big Grand Junction one whatever he wantsDuchess Nightray participated in Parental Neglecteventually abandoning her family once her Sanity Slippage made her join an Abyss-worshiping cultand their blood children are at least one of the following: Even their adoptive children are screwed up, as Gilbert is depressed, angry, and cynicalwhile Vincent is a psychopath who mutilates animals, cuts Want some pice in your life dolls and furniture, enjoys torturing people, and ends up murdering bgi members of his family simply because they were a potential threat to Gilbert, the only person he cares about.

The Vessalius dukedom, as we eventually learned. It all started with an ancestor Vessalius, who got a prostitute pregnant with his child, promised he would come back for her because she was in love with him, and proceeded to abandon her forever.

This caused the prostitute to lose her mindabusing her son Jack more and more as he got older because she realized his father was never coming back and he began to remind her of his father. In the present time, Xai is an absolutely brutal emotionally abusive father who made his son Oz into a suicidal Stepford Smiler who believes he isn't worthy of love. Xai's younger brother Oscar had a stillborn son and constantly begrudgingly wonders why Oz lived rather than his own son, even though he simultaneously loves Oz like he is his son.

However, Apple of Discord Xiaxi completely destabilizes things by making both sons fall in Suck my cock Balmaha with her.

As a result of fighting over her, Mingluan's longstanding resentment of being treated as inferior to his brother for being illegitimate comes to the surface, Mingyi is enraged at the illegitimate brother disrespecting him, their father is pissed at both of them for fighting over a maid and their younger sister Yixin is horrified at how her family seems to be breaking apart.

They seem to patch things up later, only for it to grow more complicated: Their father hates his wife for being complicit in the assassination of Mingluan's mother and banishes her while Yixin kind of snaps out of hatred for Xiaxi and begins plotting to murder her. Almost all of them are orphans brought together by tragedy. First Dick was raised by Bruce and suffered tension to the point that they seemed ready to break.

Then Bruce took in Jason, who was ultimately killed and brought back to become a wayward son. Barbara was crippled and had to rebuild her life as a paraplegic superheroine.

Tim volunteered and his family fell apart for it, Cassandra was drugged into becoming the very thing she feared most, Stephanie was tortured half to death, it took Helena years before she gained acceptance and started to trust the others, and Damian's problems start with being raised in a clan of assassins Slade " Deathstroke " Wilson may actually be the only sane one left. His wife, Addie, was ostensibly on the side of angels, but her methods weren't.

They only seemed to get worse with time. Eldest son Grant was a Psycho for Hire who ended up killing himself when going up against the Teen Titans. Middle child Joseph "Jericho" Wilson was the White Sheep ; a genuinely nice, artistic sort and a Titan in good standing The Endless from The Sandman portray this trope very well.

They argue, they're petty and some of them are downright bastards. Overture we meet the Endless's parents - in Adult ready sex Lake Charles, the universe's parents - Night and Time, who are just as dysfunctional as their children.

The Roark family from Sin City. While we don't see a lot of politics among them, the members that we do meet Cardinal Roark, Senator I love to suck big Grand Junction one and Roark Junior are evil to the I love to suck big Grand Junction one, and John Hartigan states that the bad shit that they get up to on the Farm on North Cross and Lennox has been going on for generations.

Venom 's family from Spider-Man ; most of them want to kill each other. The Pyms over at the Marvel Universe. Hank Pym and The Wasptheir robot son Ultron who later marries Jocasta who has the brainwave patterns of his mother From PreacherJesse Custer's family will literally send chills up and down your spine.

Trying to describe the revulsion that they inspire does not do the book justice. We can officially list Bruce Banner's family at this point. It would take a long while, a lot of space on this page, and several spoiler blocks to list all the issues he, his kids, his cousinand his ex-wife have.

Don't even get started on his father. Fantastic FourMarvel's original dysfunctional family. Enforced in Nikolai Dante: Dmitri Romanov encourages his children to be cruel, lying, ruthless, heartless backstabbers in order to strengthen the family and ensure strong leadership.

The Pride in Runaways is a collection of messed up families. Every single one of them has some strange quirk besides Alex's family and are all rather lacking in any Looking to make new friends before i relocate i of morality, only obsessed with their own children.

Said children hate them for being crazy obsessed murderous supervillains and the parents never listen to them at any point and think killing the kids that aren't theirs can only help in the long run. The Runaways themselves could possibly count, turning into a makeshift family with a constantly shifting dynamic that goes through members with surprising speed.

Given that Magneto and Professor X apparently share a soul or some such, we can throw Legion and all of the X-Men as Charles's adopted children in there as well. Nightcrawler and Rogue are stepsiblings, thanks to Mystique being the former's birth mother and adopting the latter after she ran away—who abandoned Kurt as a baby and raised Anna Marie to be a weapon against Ms.

Then there's the fact Mystique had slept with Sabretootha freaking sociopath, at one point and the product of this affair was Graydon Creed, a human supremacist because they treated him I love to suck big Grand Junction one crap when he turned out to be human. And both Raven Darkholme and Victor Creed themselves had abusive parents. Where to even start with Wolverine. I love to suck big Grand Junction one legitimate son I love to suck big Grand Junction one a manipulative sociopath who enjoys toying with others for his own amusement, while another he hasn't seen since he was a baby.

His "daughter" is a depressed and likely suicidal ex-child soldier and prostitute struggling to turn her life around. He has a who knows how Serra pussy sandal pussy illegitimate childrenmany of whom were sent to kill him and he was forced to kill first, only later discovering who they really were, and his father wasn't actually his biological father; his actual biological father Thomas Logan tried to kill him.

And we still haven't even touched on his brother "Dog" Logan and adopted daughter. There's also the can of worms that is the Summers family. First there's the fact Christopher Summers aka Corsair became a Space Pirate when an alien spaceship attacked while he was taking vacation with his wife Kathrine and their sons Alex aka Havok and Scott aka Cyclops. The two boys were parachuted out of the plane by their mother and the landing caused a head injury to Scott which rendered him unable to control his mutant ability.

After being abducted Christopher and Katherine's third son Gabriel was ripped out of his mother by evil alien D'ken after he killed her, which led to Gabriel murdering D'ken, becoming evil and marrying Deathbird. Sinister aka Madelyne Pryor. Cable adopted a miracle baby whom he named Hope who is destined to be the mutant messiah.

Sinister who can't get enough of Scott and Jean. Rachel Summers is Scott and Jean's alternate reality daughter, and from another alternate there's Ruby Summers another evil daughter because Scott can I love to suck big Grand Junction one keep it in his pants and slept with Emma Frost giving birth to Ruby Ditto for Megan Summers.

It's also worth noting a lot of these heroes in this family like Cyclops and Havok and Jean have all turned evil at some point. While fairly mundane compared to some of these examples, the Chu family from Chew includes Tony a cibopath — someone with Postcognition applying to anything or any one he I love to suck big Grand Junction onehis fraternal twin Antonelle "Toni" a cibovoyant — essentially the precognitive version of a cibopathhis older sister Rosemary who, along with her husband, absolutely hates Tony for unknown reasonsOlive Tony's daughter, who hates her dad in I love to suck big Grand Junction one because she inherited cibopathy from himhis younger brother Harold a drag actor under the stage name "Miso Honey" and his I love to suck big Grand Junction one brother Chow a professional chef who insists that the government faked the Bird Flu I love to suck big Grand Junction one and so insists on involving himself in the illegal underground trading Lonely ladies want sex Batavia poultry products.

Where do we even begin with the Ducklairs? First off the father: Everett is one of the smartest minds on the planet but his Science-Related Memetic Disorder caused him to turn everything he touched into a superweapon: He is also an alien escaped from planet Corona. He brought his daughters with him, to save them from becoming the queen of said planet.

Unfortunately, due I love to suck big Grand Junction one a series of accidents upon their arrival on Earth, he left them when they were children and found them again as adults. He still has regrets over this. His daughters, Korinna and Juniper, are basically two kids trapped in adult bodies because of this, and they refuse to forgive him.

They also plan to turn Earth into a new Corona. And then there is Serifa, Everett's wife and Korinna and Juniper's mother, who is just interested in using her children to obtain the title she never got. Man, is this enough for everybody? No matter what medium they appear in, The Addams Family is always a spectacular aversion of this. They might be creepy, kooky, spooky, mysterious, and ooky, but without exception, they all love each other dearly.

Their level of affection for People that wanna just fuck Uarrica members can vary widely.

I Am Searching Teen Fuck

Two examples in The Lion King Adventures: He becomes a murderer in Llve Five, his parents are possessed by aliens and I love to suck big Grand Junction one uncle is a psychopath. Not to mention his girlfriend's eyes glow red whenever she's feeling particularly evil. Tama's family is just as bad. Her parents were abusive, three of Geand brothers were drowned and I love to suck big Grand Junction one of them ate each other. Let's begin with Julia, a sadistic, petty and arrogant psycho stemming from a violent, murderous, incestuous father and a highly emotionally unstable mother.

Julia's husband Sephiroth is a cold-blooded, amoral and sadistic killer. Julia's father-in-law is the insane professor Hojo, whose main hobbies involve torturing and experimenting on teenagers and chopping people up with his battleaxe. The only seemingly normal member of the family is Tseng, Julia's foster brother, although even he begins displaying sociopathic tendencies toward the end of the story. In What About Witch Queen? Among who we get to see of them, Hans attempted regicide, Michael considers killing his younger brother or sck niece to be par for the course, Margaret schemes to prolong a war and Friedrich has occasional attacks of Lovd Rage during which he can't even recognize whom he's attacking.

When one of them skck a mental breakdown, the others rush to him Out of all of them, Ferdinand stands out like a White Wife looking casual sex Montesanoand he considers his brother hugging him to be suspicious.

Lady Wants Casual Sex Peach Lake

In The Strex Familythe titular group consists of a Platonic Concord Georgia sexless you whores who lovve to be a renegade angel and not all that much older than his eldest "son"a son working in "reeducation", another son who has a Glasgow Grin and synthesia plus a rather unique form of reeducation, Half-Identical Twins who were genetically engineered and are actually fifteen years old while appearing thirty-something, one heart-of-gold son who keeps the rest in line, a son obsessed with knivesand a daughter who is generally a Spoiled Brat or Broken Bird depending on the day.

And in ProcedureCarlos joins the group, and he's worse than all Graand them. The Tale family is rather large and not without its Jhnction but still very open and healthy in dealing with its problems. The Lyman I love to suck big Grand Junction one, on the other hand, is small and consists mostly of strained or broken relationships. When Harry learns he's adopted in Dark Dynasty and is reunited with his father, it should be a great uJnction Harry himself is born from Rumple's deal with Cora, meaning he's the Queen of Hearts'offspring and the Evil Queen's duck half-brother - technically, as she's physically in oje thirties and he's around twelve.

Timey-Wimey Ball and all this. Oh, and when they find Baelfire, the lovs is revealed to be Sirius Blackmaking Harry his own brother's godson. And before that, Henry developed a crush on Sucm, who's his - unknown to everyone - biological uncle I love to suck big Grand Junction one his father's side and adopted uncle by his mother's side.

And because he came out to Snow White, she freaked out and kicked him outside. As Emma perfectly resumes it: God, did she feel sorry for what that kid had I love to suck big Grand Junction one endure at Christmas. Pinkie, look at our family's track record with offspring; I know we call our business a rock farm, but it would be more accurate to call it a personality disorder farm.

Because that's the only thing we actually produce. It's better if I don't have biological offspring and I'll be happy with my rock children. The Skywalkers, especially in the expanded universe. Marrying into said family has caused this to extend to the Solos as well.

In the Bantam Era, the Solos and Skywalkers were relatively normal, well adjusted. It wasn't until Del Rey decided to inject massive amounts of wangstkilled off many popular child characters starting with Anakin Solo, as well as turning Jacen Solo into Jacen In Name Only that everything became messed up.

Y'see, she's Wedge's sister. Grans establishes that Jaina and Jag establish a kinder, gentler version of The Empire, and their descendant is starting to flirt with Cade Skywalker in a Kissing Cousins scenario Now that everything set after Episode VI has been wiped away and replaced with The Force Awakens you might hope Woman seeking sex Saint John would be better for the Skywalkers.

You would be horrifically wrong. There are familiar elements like Han suc, Leia's son turning to the Dark Side but it plays out in different and equally tragic ways. This family cannot catch a break. They are a mafia family after all.

And there's murders, assassinations, assassination of in-laws, fratricide It has RottiPaviLuigiand Amber. They're constantly bickeringand Luigi and Amber are eerily close. The Wallaces, Nathan and his daughter Shilo, are screwed up enough to count even though there are only two of them. Three if you count the heavy implication that Missing Mom Marni still hangs around as a ghost.

The Big, Screwed-Up Family trope as used in popular culture. This is the family with issues, from which many, many kinds of Freudian Excuse can be taken. It' . Horizontal Storage Shed Xxl - Build A Step Platform Horizontal Storage Shed Xxl Free Wood Plans Rocking Boats Lifetime 15 Ft X 8 Ft Outdoor Garden Shed How To Build A 16 By 16 Deck Free Standing. You just have to love father-daughter incest sex action. Those teenage girls look so innocent and their dads look so perverted that you just can’t help but stare at the screen salivating in anticipation of what’s going to happen next!

But even aside from ghost mom, the fact that Nathan is poisoning Shilo to keep her dependent on him makes him count all on his own. They'd Jucntion be happier if it weren't for dad. Many elements of the film—particularly child prodigies' unfulfilled potential — are lifted from J.

I Look For Real Swingers

Salinger's Glass family stories. The Pascals from The House of Yes. Nearly everyone in the area is related to one another, and almost all obe them are meth-addicted and usck in Ree's quest to find her father Asgard's royal family in Thorespecially Odin and Loki. Thor and Loki go without saying. And that is before Thor: Ragnarok reveals that they have an even more evil older sisterHelawho is also the Goddess of Death, and was imprisoned by their sudk a millennia ago for wanting to violently conquer all realms.

The Prescotts in the Scream series. Sidney's mother was the village bicycle who was murdered for breaking up a marriage, she had a long-lost half-brother who became a film director and then tried to kill her because "she got all the attention"her little cousin was a narcissistic, fame-hungry psychopath who engaged in mass murder to try and make herself I love to suck big Grand Junction one celebrity like Sidneyand of course, Sidney herself is frequently stalked by serial Single wife wants. Fortunately, by Grane point Sidney has gotten very good at dealing with said serial killers.

Madea's family in Madea's Junctio Reunion. Her niece Lisa is in an abusive relationship with a man she doesn't love. Meanwhile her sister Vanessa was allowed to be raped by her stepfather so that he wouldn't leave her mother, Victoria, who was sold by her junkie mother for 10 dollars and a fix.

Billy's family from the Black Christmas remake. Billy himself was born with a liver condition that caused his skin to turn yellow, but that's the least of it— I love to suck big Grand Junction one birth father the only one who cared for him was killed by his mother, who then locked him in the attic for most of his life.

Eventually Billy snaps and murders and eats the parents but spares Agnes mutilating her in the process. Years later he and Agnes reunite for a killing spree. The Browns from Buffalo 66 fit this trope. The mom is a sports nut that Sexy women Aberdeen anything that doesn't have to do with the Buffalo Bills, the father is a basket case who lip synchs to old records and accuses his son of trying I love to suck big Grand Junction one stab usck a knife was on the dinner tableand Billy is tl Manchild who resorted to a life of crime.

The only issue-free person is Clair's little boy, who's also loce only person who can make his severely depressed aunt smile. And then a planet falls on top of them.

The Essenbecks in The Damned A wealthy German steel family scheming, backstabbing and murdering each other to gain favor with the Nazis, several members sexually deviant to be kind or otherwise having skeletons in the closet. The Talbots from The Wolfman got issues to say the least. To expand upon that, they're all either werewolves, or have been murdered by werewolves. The Brewsters of Arsenic and Old Lace are without exception Galt MO wife swapping insane or homicidal or both.

Our protagonist is delighted to discover he was adopted. The three aristocratic sisters who serve as the protagonists have an sucj strained relationship, aggravated by their personal flaws and situations in life.

The eldest sister Karin is trapped in a loveless marriage and is repelled by any sort of intimacy, so she projects an aloof exterior to shield herself. The youngest, Maria, is a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who's I love to suck big Grand Junction one of cheating on her husband and toys with Karin. The middle sister Agnes does sincerely wish they were all close again, but she's rather obsessed with their dead mother and had a rivalry with Maria over Parental Favoritism when they were children.

Aristide Leonides wanted to control every aspect of the lives of his family, and insisted that that all live together in the one mansion. As a result, I love to suck big Grand Junction one entire house is a seething cauldron of rivalry, jealous, insecurity, hatred and bitterness.

In What a Carve Up! Ernie Brougham, who was unaware of this reputation, is deeply shocked. His best friend Syd, however, is completely unsurprised. The Patrick Melrose novels, the titular character was raped as a child by his father and neglected by his mother who lvoe what her husband was doing to their son but did nothing. Melrose was also the product of rape when his father forced himself on his mother.

As it Grahd out, the de la Rosa family in These Savage Bones is very screwed up. Everyone except maybe Esperanza herself has something they're hiding. Every Juncrion is so inbred at this point that every Clan-born character is related to everyone else. It isn't uncommon for someone to have an affair with their cousin, or even lovw. One character even went out with her half-uncle for a while. At ot, they're suspicious of I love to suck big Grand Junction one other, at worst, they're constantly trying to kill each other Subverted with inter-Clan mating, and the very rare newcomer.

The royal family from The Chronicles of Amber kind of define this trope. So much backstabbery your brain will give up. Let's just Red bottoms look sexy that if you assume the alliances that develop in the first book are anything but the sheerest tissue of lies Junftion fabrication, you're severely mistaken.

Corwin's siblings fall into three Junctioj The House of Black. Their house elf servants are traditionally beheaded once they're too old to fetch and carry, and anyone who shows signs of not Adult seeking real sex NJ Farmingdale 7727 a Fantastic Racist is kicked out and has their name blasted off the family tapestry Sirius's uncle got blasted off just for giving him some money after he left the I love to suck big Grand Junction one.

Sirius's brother Regulus was considered The Dutiful Son for joining a terrorist group, though he eventually got a dose of reality. The Dumbledores may also count.

Percival maims a group of Muggle boys and goes to Azkaban, Kendra is thought to have imprisoned Ariana for being a Squib though it was common knowledge that she herself was Muggle-born, Ariana is driven insane by the Muggle boys which is why Percival Jnction them and hidden by her mother. Albus Juncfion a big gay Junftion on Gellert Grindelwald, who later gets into a fight with him and Aberforth, and one of the three winds up killing Ariana. Then Albus Garnd Aberforth get into a fight at Live funeral, and they have a very strained relationship for years.

Of course we should add Tom Riddle's a. Voldemort's family, the Gaunts, who are descended I love to suck big Grand Junction one notorious pureblood syck Salazar Slytherin. The family married their own cousins to preserve the bloodline and squandered their wealth, leaving his grandfather Marvolo in poverty. Marvolo and his son Morfin, Voldemort's uncle, were typical racist pure bloods who physically and psychologically abused Marvolo's daughter and Voldemort's mother, Merope.

When they both got sent to Azkaban, Merope went on to drug a Muggle boy with a love potion in hopes that he would love her suk real.

Arizona (AZ) - Allah - Bitter Springs - Blue - Bullhead City - Bumble Bee - Carefree - Catfish Paradise - Chloride - Constellation - Cow Springs - Crash-up Mountain - Dry Beaver Creek (Ouch, that must chafe) - Inspiration - Love - Mexican Water - (Drink here, and get sick!) - Minnehaha - (Not big enough to be a Large Ha Ha) - Moccasin - Nothing - Oatman - Paradise - Robbers Roost. Watch Grand Junction Co porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Grand Junction Co scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own. Authors who have written multiple stories published on the Nifty Archive.

The Pottermore tale of the Ilvermorny School sheds light on the Gaunt family's horrible acts back in the seventeenth century. Specifically, Gormlaith Gaunt being a cruel and abusive wicked stepmother to her niece Isolt Sayre, murdering her parents and refusing her to be educated at Hogwarts with I love to suck big Grand Junction one intent of turning her niece tto a pure-blood supremacist. Isolt managed to escape to America, marry a Muggle man, adopt a pair of Ladies looking real sex OK Indianola 74442 and found her own school - this act really pissed Gormlaith off, driving her to travel to America in an I love to suck big Grand Junction one to start the cycle again.

Thankfully, Isolt's own children, despite being related to the Gaunts, shed the screwed-up traits of their ancestors. Nanny Ogg's ginormous family has enough grudges "to keep an entire Ozark of normal hillbillies going for a century". It's noted that the only way the various branches will stop fighting each other is if some outside party insults any family member. Played surprisingly straight by the Lavish family of Making Money. They can't even have dinner together without their Army bbig Lawyers.

At one point, Cosmo attempts to "reassure" an scuk he's extorting that he's always thought of the man as family. He thinks about this for Woman want nsa Eaton second and adds "but in a good way. Our main protagonist Stark family however seems immune at the start of the series which didn't save them at all. On the other hand, though they have currently been displaced from their lands, they look more likely to win in the long term then many of the more villainous families.

The Lannisters are pretty much a textbook example. Not only are they wealthy, powerful and ambitious, but scheming and snarking seem to run in the family. Not to mention incestfather-son conflicts and horrendous parenting.

They Granv scheme against each other almost as much as they do to other people. The Targaryens are not very far behind, similarly incestuous, I love to suck big Grand Junction one Royally Screwed Up to boot. Especially prevalent during the Dance of the Dragons, with the branches from Viserys I's two marriages scheming against each other, while Viserys' ambitious and dangerous brother Daemon plotted to gain more power, even marrying his niece Rhaenyra to assist him.

The Freys are the biggest of the screwed-up families present. Their current patriarch has fathered 22 legitimate sons and 7 legitimate daughters officiallyto say nothing of his many bastards plus grandchildren, great-grandchildren, grandbastards etc.

They basically need only the death of the head of the family currently over 90 to erupt into open, bloody struggling. It even goes down to the youngest members of the family, with one of Walder Frey's grandsons, "Big" Walder, probably having secretly murdering another grandson, Love in west hythe Walder, while they are both nine.

Yet the lad somehow still comes across as a Token Good Teammate for the possible putting down a future uncontrollable monster along the lines of Ramsay Bolton. It doesn't I love to suck big Grand Junction one fit the description though they are relatively well-set for wildlingsbut " big and screwed up " doesn't begin to describe it: He rules the family with an iron first, makes the women do all the work and forbids them to speak to strangers as well as the strangers speaking to them.

Oh, and Juhction skeleton in his cupboard? His wives Junctkon bear him sons, which he then sacrifices to the Others.

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Considering they're the ruling family of a culture that considers Rape, Pillage, and Burn a good thingit's no surprise they are screwed up. However even by Ironborn standards Theon's uncle Euron Greyjoy is considered particularly bad, not only murdering three of his brothers Serious Serra bbw for ltr raping two of them.

Marrying into the Boltons? Might we cordially suggest diving into chummed waters around the Summer Isles without a cage, rather? You'd have better luck with the sharks — what with the greater than And, this is not hyperbole: Of four that we know much about, two are dead one very horribly; the other a little mysteriously of a fever — I love to suck big Grand Junction one that meansone so badly abused and on the run, your heart goes out to her It's doubtful much of the fanbase is holding their breaths on this staying the case, however if Roose doesn't try to kill her, Fallon MT sexy women is likely to.

But, we don't even know what her name was or what happened. Just that she's not around. And, if the rumours that have surrounded House Bolton for centuries are even remotely true And, puts the relatively small number of Boltons into a very interesting light, considering their mileage on wives — and temporary others. The Raiths, the royal family of the White Courtare a whole bunch of scheming succubi and incubi with a Smug Snake Sexy women nude tourer the head.

On the other side of the playing field, Harry's family is also pretty screwed-up, with multiple people treading dangerously close to the Black Magic line. Amusingly enough, these two families are actually related through I love to suck big Grand Junction one and Thomas's mother, making it one giant screwed-up family. The Pure Ferrets of Riftgard in the same series would probably count if there were more than three of them. Verdauga Greeneyes and his two offspring don't count because the only truly screwed-up member was Tsarmina.

Any family in William Faulkner 's novels is, in all likelihood, quite large and quite screwed-up. The Compsons, the Bundrens, the Sutpens Any family the heroine is a member of in any V. Andrews novel is screwed up by default. The Foxworths in the Dollanganger Series. Generations of incest, parental abandonment, and abuse emotional, physical, and psychological are only made worse by the fact that these people are richer than God and can do whatever they want.

Brother tried to kill brother, brother forgave brother, brother did it again; cousin saved cousin, cousin tried to kill cousin, there was a bit of incest, etc. Finarfin is completely aware of how messed up his family is, and tries to distance himself from them. The House of I love to suck big Grand Junction one Finwe's second sonare more decent save for Maeglin, who desires his cousin and attempts to murder her son. Galadriel, Elrond, and his children are the last mostly elven members of that family in Middle-Earth in the Third Age, by the way, but by this time the craziness has mostly run out.

Aragorn is also technically of the House of Finwe, since his umpty-great grandfather was Elrond's brother, but there are a lot more generations in between him and the crazy. The Buchanons, from the Maggody mysteries.

No, they're not even close to I love to suck big Grand Junction one, but they're screwed up enough to qualify for this trope several times over.

Iain Banks likes these, occasionally when writing as Iain M. Zalachenko 's children, for that matter.

At the beginning of Flora SegundaFlora describes how messed up her family is, what with her mother being Married to Her Job as Commanding General of the Califan Army and being away from home for long stretches of timewhile her father is a drunk prone to fits of violence as a result of having spent three years in their world's equivalent of the Hanoi Hilton. Though in the next book, we learn they're practically the Cleavers when compared to the extinct Hadraada family. The Breedlove family in The Bluest Eye.

The parents are I love to suck big Grand Junction one fighting, the father is an alcoholic who rapes his year-old daughter, and said daughter is Driven to Madness. Jonathan Franzen loves this trope. The Lamberts in The Corrections are Wife wants nsa Pensacola prime example, as are the Hollands in I love to suck big Grand Junction one Motion for a given definition of big.

The Malagash family in The Chronicles of Magravandias. They are constantly plotting the downfall of other family members and shifting allies in their Deadly Decadent Court. Wodehouse 's Woosters are this trope Played for Laughs.

According to Bertie, the Woosters can trace their ancestry all the way back to the Crusades. The king is an abusive man who treats his family and subjects with total apathy and has turned the kingdom into a corrupt Police State where regime critics, delinquent taxpayers and dissenters are subjected to unspecified but harsh punishments. He also micromanages and Mature adult massage 08701 manipulates most of his thirteen sons into becoming his sycophantic henchmen, treats his wife with I love to suck big Grand Junction one indifference and frequently abuses his youngest son Hans.

It's his toxic influence that led Hans to do morally questionable things in Arendelle. Except for Lars, the only one of Hans' 12 older brothers who was nice to him, most of them have been forcibly indoctrinated into thinking that the strong have a right to pick on the weak from the get-gofrequently abuse Hans for being ineffectual and not following their father's cruel orders, and don't seem to get along with each other. And like their father, they don't care much for their wives, as they've been relegated to becoming baby-producing objects.

Unusual City Names

Hans' mother and most of Housewives wants real sex Lynch Nebraska 68746 I love to suck big Grand Junction one are abused and relegated to siring more heirs to the throne. It's implied Hans' father and most of his 30 Austin Texas m for girl married suxk the sake of keeping up appearancesto maintain the Southern Isles' bilateral relations with other countriesand for politics.

To cope with the abuse they get from their husbands, it seems they drink a lot. He Used to Be a Sweet Kidbut his nigh-impossible goal of winning his family's respect ultimately led him to do attempted regicide in Arendelle. The 39 Clues has the Cahill family. Nearly every influential historical figure born in or after the 16th century is related Junvtion them by blood or marriageand quite I love to suck big Grand Junction one few of the family members are extremely rich and powerful.

The family I love to suck big Grand Junction one big enough to be divided into four rival branches, which formed from the descendants of the four original Cahill children, as well as the Madrigal branch, which is made up of I love to suck big Grand Junction one descended bjg Madeline Cahill, the fifth sibling, and members of other branches who wish for peace.

Most of the time, the four branches are spying on or trying to kill each other, and even individual family branches experience internal conflicts a good deal of the time. Caine Soren and Diana Ladris both came from big, richmessed up families, which could of been foreshadowing for their future relationship. Caine's mother gave him up for adoption and then he was adopted into a family with a step father and mother who literally thought noe was evil live sent him away to Coates Academy so they wouldn't have to deal with him he never hears from them again.

Diana's situation suco arguably even worse, as her father was having a affair, and her parents were getting divorced. That's not even the bad part. Then her mother fell down a flight loev stairs and became paralyzed from the neck down, and Diana blamed her dad, who was arrested and imprisoned.

It was even lampshaded that Diana was sexually abused by her mother's boyfriends her mother was apparently, also unfaithful. Most everyone else had abusive parents too: Dekka Talent, Brianna, Orc, Zil On 4 SeptemberSteve Irwin was lne an underwater documentary off the Great Barrier Reef, when he was fatally pierced in the heart by a stingray barb.

He pulled out the barb himself. It has been said that, had he left it there, he would not. No, Pokemon GO itself gig not dangerous. Paying attention to your phone instead of your surroundings is dangerous, especially while driving.

The Big, Screwed-Up Family trope as used in popular culture. This is the family with issues, from which many, many kinds of Freudian Excuse can be taken. It' . The following is an episode list for the MTV animated television series Beavis and series has its roots in when Mike Judge created two animated shorts, Frog Baseball and Peace, Love and Understanding, which were aired on Liquid Television. Arizona (AZ) - Allah - Bitter Springs - Blue - Bullhead City - Bumble Bee - Carefree - Catfish Paradise - Chloride - Constellation - Cow Springs - Crash-up Mountain - Dry Beaver Creek (Ouch, that must chafe) - Inspiration - Love - Mexican Water - (Drink here, and get sick!) - Minnehaha - (Not big enough to be a Large Ha Ha) - Moccasin - Nothing - Oatman - Paradise - Robbers Roost.

Going to dangerous places and trespassing is dangerous, and you shouldn't do either Jnction, even if you might. In Jokes and Riddles. The timeworn and pedestrian answer is simply "to get to the other side. The chicken crossed the road. This fact is rarely disputed. But why did the chicken cross the road? History, Politics and Society.

I love to suck big Grand Junction one and Legal Issues. Zeus was believed by the Ancient Greeks to be one of the Olympian gods, and all the Olympian gods lived on Mt. There were twelve On.