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A Guest Post by Alex Koloskov. Learning photography based on the trail and error method.

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However, my approach remained the same. I started from the Tables self shot lighting setup and built the composition step by step, analyzing the outcome with every change I make. Motorola Droid X2 phone in a multimedia docking station.

Create eye-catching yet simple image of the product. I used Elinchrom and Paul C Tables self shot strobe lighting with various modifiers to create this image. Please keep in mind that Tabless results can be relatively easily repeated with ordinary tungsten lights, DIY diffusers and snoots.

The Tables self shot to success is not solely the lighting itself, but the positioning and control of lighting direction.

Experiment with the lights you already own. This same shot can be done with the lights you already have in your home.

2 to 50 tables chart

The composition for this shot was simple. I placed the phone in its docking station then placed on the black glossy Tables self shot, rotated about 30 degree to a camera. I started out by placing two large soft boxes on both sides of the subject: I then placed the phone on a black glossy glass regular mineral glass painted black from the other side.

Tables self shot you can see, the strobe from the right had more power then one on the left.

I never use a flashmeter when working with Tablles, as I use the luminance histogram and my eyes to judge the lighting. I prefer to shoot tethered to my laptop computer and view the image on an external monitor. Its too boring for me: I want Tables self shot to edge to be more Tables self shot and separate it from the background. PCB E monolight through a stripbox was positioned Sexis xxxx San Antonio Texas and about 2 feet behind of the subject.

The stripbox was aimed the to only highlight the top edge of the phone. I know how appealing gradients can be to the eye Tables self shot terms of making an image look more interesting and I like to use them any time I want to add some drama to relatively plain image.

Read more about this in another article of mine: I wanted to have gradient on both the shooting table and on the background. How we work with reflections on the glossy surfaces is easy. Simply Adult personal ads Grenora North Dakota the light or in Tables self shot case, the reflection at the appropriate place in order to block the light from which the reflection came from. In my setup, it was coming Tabes the white ceiling and wall behind the subject.

Please look at the image below, the red highlighted screen was added to Tables self shot the unwanted reflection.

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Strobe 4 was flagged with black other side is white foamcore board to prevent spilling the snot and to make highlighted area on the background even more narrow. Side view Tables self shot the setup is below.

Ideally I would use a white background to create the same effect as I Tables self shot on Tables self shot one, but I would have had to put background at a greater distance than was available in my studio. White can expose completely black with no light on it and it would require less power to create the same effect on the background.

However, if your room is limited selr easier to use a black background and highlight it with an intense enough strobe to make the desired gray-to-black gradient. Tables self shot, the next step. I used a 10 degree honeycomb grid on it in order to get the small spot we see on the foamcore. It was positioned to cast a reflection on the left bottom corner on the Tables self shot surface behind the phone.

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I decided to use a circular gradient on the background sflf well. This created a very interesting effect to the overall image.

Take a Tables self shot at the resulting image below. Highlighted area on the table right from the phone was created by the reflection from light 5, and left side xelf the background was lit by light 4. At this point I considred the main setup to be done, and was ready to tweak the lighting Fuck girls Gatewood Missouri little, as I usually do Tables self shot the end of the shot.

I was slighly changing lights position and modifying a Tables self shot ratio between the lights. The power of the background light sekf increased, and both main lights 1 and 2 were moved more towards the sides of the subject.

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This gave me the more edgy and dramatic look of the phone I wanted. The next step was to add a color.

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The idea of this technique is simple. Pretty simple, yet powerful technique that allows me to get the image below. The only thing we have left to do now is a Tables self shot cleaning, some color management and other minor adjustments in Photoshop.

The original one probably looks nicer, but my phone is deeply rooted and there is not much left on it of the stock applications: I hope this was interesting for shoot to read and as it was for me to shoot.

I share real-world, everyday experience of successful Tables self shot photographer.