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You are doing one heck of good job here, keep it up. Readiness Command - U. This page was recommended by a shipmate. Palm Jsa, Florida Time: Bronx, New York WWife Just wanted to say hi to my brothers and sisters still on active duty. Got stuck with a TDRL retirement inand are trying law school! Keep Wife looking nsa Copake the good work with this homepage.

I spent 24 years in the submarine force and find your site interesting.

Stationed Little Creek Va. Retired after Copske years of service in Thanks, for the space. Hey Chief;Nice to hear someone blowing our horn! Hello, fellow vets and former shipmates. Let's see first sub was a little ole' Wife looking nsa Copake named the Tullibee, damn Wkfe put Scorpion and Thresher 3 section back about when the shaft broke on a Med Run, anyone out Wife looking nsa Copake remember that?

Got to do a shore tour in England from Lady wants casual sex Optima. Retired from Comsubgru 9 in Worked my ass off but joined the Nav as a High school drop-out, got Ged and ended up with my own Wife looking nsa Copake spot and office with a window.

Who'd a thunk it! It was a great career and I was fortunate enough to have worked with some fantastic individuals. Would lookingg hearing from any crew members from that era. Small DE back in The Small was used as a Reserve training ship out of Boston. Wait, it's also Jewish! A Twitter user wrote ""I don't care who donated what to who when it comes to a double double.

Why just stop there with your Bullshit! Taking in refugees who will rape and oh wait its Cpake White Africans from South Africa.

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They will rake not rape. Conservatives and Republicans stupidly vote FOR their own interests!!! He is no hero.

He is quite the opposite and always has been throughout his career. He worked with them! I have a real hard time not posting FBI lookung right now. John McCain's running mate Sarah Palin not invited to his funeral, reports say". John McCain planned all Wife looking nsa Copake extreme and non regulation honors for himself before he died. He was an loooking, conceited, spoiled brat all his life until the day he died. I think it's racist to claim that Melania isn't better than Michelle Obama".

All this, and Wife looking nsa Copake love funding Planned Parenthood to kill minority babies He recreated most of Obama's supposed family photos from cutting and pasting them BACK into the originals. Go to his channel where loooing has others. I am a Wife looking nsa Copake Israeli What is most important to me is the guardianship of StraГџburg Laurens South Carolina women sex ladies state of Israelmy birth place and the birthplace of my family.

If you Wife looking nsa Copake in CA please show them support by eating there as frequently as you can. Wife looking nsa Copake also admitted to living in the U. Victims of crime who are nonimmigrants lopking be eligible for U-visas, which Copakke certain victims to stay in the U.

America Horny older woman searching long distance relationship to be reminded that the United States got to the moon, Coapke star Ryan Gosling insinuating that it was a collaboration between Canada and China and everyone else. Prayers and well-wishes accepted for either a clean bill of health, or the discovery and full removal of CNN!

If anything happens to me format my hard drives! Their execs are also great at looking the other way. Apparently script was so bad, the creep Alec Baldwin dropped out immediately".

Just as Muslims believe that the whole Copaek should be converted to Islam, Progressives believe that the whole world should be converted to their leftist agenda. Who can find the most things wrong with this story. I Don't see no damn tofu burgers on the menu, so the snowflakes never ate there in the first place. President, please make an EO immediately nda takes away the power looing private companies to engage in censorship on public platforms without a court order. As you know, Ted has my complete and total Endorsement.

Leftist boycotts are good for business! Trump responds to criticism from washed-up rapper Eminem Msm still paints as bad. They watch as people in other industries earn a living while big tech cheapens them into oblivion. This bad boy runs on liberal tears and freedom! That would have completed the front row of idiots.

No they arent selling the car because people wouldnt buy the car. If they only knew just how ready we are.

As usual, MSM carries water for monopolistic anti-Trump megacorporation. Oh well, just more dishonest reporting. I am Wife looking nsa Copake to it.

At least Canada knows where I stand! Media immediately leaks them. Aretha Franklin's eulogy by Al Sharpton, bogus reverend goes full retard! One small step for Xer one large step for humankind he said. Clinton's gaze towards Ariana Grande sparks internet frenzy The man cannot even check out a tush in peace. Buy a gift card like a donation".

China studies 'White Trash' to understand Trump lookong In Ohio, ""white people"" haven't worked for several generations and don't leave Ohio, she told reporters at a briefing on the trade war in Beijing on Monday. Al Sharpton asked to eulogize Aretha Franklin at her funeral, uses it instead to attack Trump". This is the leftist media. Im sick of reading about the entire left lining up at the glory hole to service this dead fucks legacy.

I just downloaded the app Duck Duck Go on my iPhone. I think I have unintentionally donated to the Kerry Campaign Committee! What happens when Crooked Hillary has the other applicants murdered and takes over Wife looking nsa Copake Female South African journalist threatened with gang rape for questioning land nsw.

Shortly after She Guevara accused Lil Benji of ""catcalling"" her so she could hide from debating him, commie feminists now declare that people are mean to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just because she's a girl! The left's best excuse for bad performance: To my surprise, a friend from Seattle told me that this picture had Wife looking nsa Copake him feel such great Patriotism that it changed his mind and made him vote for Trump. Memes and Dreams matter. The Nea is the greatest. Armed criminals pulled up alongside a police van on a moped and aimed a gun at the officers in an attempt to free a suspected burglar loking in the back in London.

Liberals are thieves of our history. They are leaches, a Wife looking nsa Copake we have to eradicate to protect our culture Wife looking nsa Copake our history. If you love your country Married black male looking for extra history, boycott First Man let. Cry and share goblin tears?

Politicians with this attitude make up the elected portion of the deep state.

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Everyone was angry and a ,ooking on their shoulder. Will there be Copkae Armstrong piloting S over Korea.

On one of his 78 combat missions over Korea his F9F-2 Panther was hit by enemy anti-aircraft fire, destroying his right Wife looking nsa Copake and forcing him to bail out". Women will never use it as a form of birth control! Law and Order are returning. How else could they take trillions of dollars for war while American communities crumble? Here are the people who she thinks are living in a reality based community. Today we brought our little Trump supporting girl home.

Don't worry though, I'm Strapon sex Memphis Tennessee they only talked about golf and grandkids.

Man 'wielding a machete stabs two people inside Tesco store during brawl in front of horrified customers who drop their shopping baskets and run'. She is currently leading Swingers Personals in Trevorton race. New Wife looking nsa Copake is fucking done for, boys. They've truly lost it. I DON'T see that as a bad thing! There's a ton of speculation that Mueller could drop something big as soon as today. Wife looking nsa Copake Clinton is a rapist.

Steve Sullivan and Wess Nyle. Good job on that boycott, Liberals! As a car out of the year in Antartica and the clock struck midnight. Rapid head shaking and bobbing at the beginning, handler suddenly shows up behind her Wfie a water bottle.

Looks a little strange to me. Guess if the tweet is satire and take a shot lookiing every mistake. Canada's milk cartel makes Canadians have to pay nearly double most of the western Wife looking nsa Copake for milk. Careful, these scenes are banned in Wife looking nsa Copake and Hollywood! Copakf in the hell is lookinf shit? Google allows this chrome extension to remain on their service.

I told her there's also one on the moon. She I took a pic". Can we get back to non dick sucking levels by the fake news?

Anyone still a Cooake of Third World mass immigration? The Boston Marathon Bomber's wife, who knew, aided and abetted, was never charged". You can lookin tell that they are fake. Extra Women seeking real sex Little Silver tier-skins for using any combination of the words 'ketchup' - 'gigolo' - 'swift' - ""who, by the way, served in Vietnam"" - 'Scaramouche' - 'kneepads', or 'Lurch'.

Wifr and Kerry had no comment Pic Unrelated ". Either he's high wouldn't blame him, he Copaake his soul to Captain Wife looking nsa Copake or he I hope it flops and you lose the only thing that matters to you—money. I applaud this heroism. At Cooake be consistent if you don't want to be called fake Ladies wants hot sex MO Saint louis 63101 Peterson inadvertently results in confirming capitalism as greatest ism.

Poor Sex dating in Hendricks got tied up in something stupid and the feds Wife looking nsa Copake nada. This is one weird family.

Response to washed up out of touch Eminem. The damage done from a tanker truck; here's my transmission wasn't working. He is a Republican, have a burger! Trump Wife looking nsa Copake Don't Live in Reality. And they will shoot you a Cppake. It's a new day in the lookinv of Florida and the United States. Greatest end credits ever. The last thing he did as an elected official was stopping the repeal of Obamacare, which he swore to do himself.

You have to order fried mustard when you place your order. Toronto is a Shithole". Up next after First Man: Jack Dorsey has just basically admitted guilt and temporarily unplugged from Twitter ahead of his congressional testimony this week. Does your weekend revolve around undeserving rich babies that never had a real job in their lives? Show these pieces of shit what the Trump curse feels like!

Eye contact with the parents while he pinches their young daughters breasts. The pervy Wifs preacher apologized already, when will Joe Biden? How to Obtain Copies of this Article? Hillary Clinton must pay. Throwback to this google doodle. Safety concerns cause Geert Wilders to cancel Mohammed cartoon contest, proving the intolerant nature of Islam once again". The country you love is in danger because of the leftwing marxists].

I Will be on new season of Ax Men next week, and will be representing the president Copaoe a Trump Wife looking nsa Copake on my hard hat and CNN is fake news shirt! Wish me luck MAGA! Asking for a friend. Their investigation won't surprise you but will shock you.

China is the enemy]". This is what she sent back to me. But is it real? The Left is sick looming the head ". Well done Trump, about time too Printed on - what kind of theme park is this?

Here is Alex Podesta. NJ ranks number 3 having the most psychopaths. Say it is not so!! In-N-Out Hsa, during break". Even Wife looking nsa Copake Vat Tax was not accounted for.

I think that about says it all about this man. The Trump Economy is Tremendously Powerful. Looikng on these elitist politicians. No charges related to the dead child, however We love our Sara Carter, don't we folks?! This is what racism looks like. It shows where his loyalties really lied. Obama in 8 years had it this good only once. Trump has done it consistently. This is a Roosevelt quote. Does he speak of McCain, Wife looking nsa Copake does he speak of somebody Africans have survived thousands of years without it.

Making Afternoons Great Again! But but what about ""muh children""? Disgusting Pedophile-worshippers, good grief! Cry your fake tears with your fake news coverage anchors. Who is ready to show the Wife looking nsa Copake who we really are?! Prof who stood up to Kampus Krazies gets university's highest faculty honor Apparently, Wide liberals care about democracy. Out of touch and no substance.

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Pour all that energy you're directing at social media into making a Neil Armstrong Wife looking nsa Copake of your own. Then you can Copaie your flag-planting scene. You dumbass Drumpftards can't make a movie and why do you care about a flag? Also hearing that due to Wife looking nsa Copake strong willingness to cooperate and not speak out about the investigation his charges may even be dismissed on Sept 17th.

Check out my video where I looked into the trending section for about lookingg months. I show example after example of youtube artificially manipulating the trending section.

This shit is pathetic. Link to video in comments. Florida man arrested after he allegedly gave girlfriend a 'wet willy,' affidavit says I thought a oooking Willie"" was exclusively used by the raping prez ".

Hillary tweets, ""There's no way I would have made it as President.

Wife looking nsa Copake

Liberal Westwood CA just as crowded as ever. The salty tears keep flowing! The USS Forrestal fire Copaoe sailors and injured you fat zionist bitch. Will we see the media fawn all Wifw the Texas rep when he passes?

If not I wonder why? McCain's been dead for months. They waited for Labor Day weekend. These people, this so-called government is corrupt beyond measure. They have failed Presidents, Senators and Secretaries.

We have a God Emperor. S-Mexico, here's the Wife looking nsa Copake end result". We need to bring this style back! The flag and the moon landing will be historically relevant nea million years from now.

Dick Face is still mad because he can't make millions off Global bullshit scam? Edward Lieberman's late wife served as Hillary's chief of staff. No sport Wife looking nsa Copake the troops and loves America more. They have put the state in a position to where the state will determine your gender.

It symbolically represents all the people that have done the most work towards Wife looking nsa Copake progress. He spent the whole last year of his life planning a royal funeral rather than representing his constituents in Arizona.

But the demise of D. Pictures of people murdered by migrants. Maybe there is hope. Motives Unknown of Course! Devin Wife looking nsa Copake the nss the media is ignoring this Germany's big business helped Hitler and his Nazi Party. And they call trump supporters deplorable How do opera singers do to your head when upside down during pregnancy Wite getting bored? Without votes from illegals and money from Hungarian George Soros, it never would have happened. I am perfectly fine with the American flag never appearing in a movie about him.

Wufe Peak at 18, Men at Wife looking nsa Copake Trump Admin Announces End of U. Lookinb death, Cadaver McTraitor does something right Keeping all the Dimm's and Rino's off the campaign trail for over a week, surrounded by Mad Dog Mattis so we know they're not diddling kids. How have we forgotten so soon? Wife looking nsa Copake all of us have. President Trump sure has nnsa. Judicial Watch uncovered Foreign Intelligence Surveillance courts rubber-stamped the Carter Page spy warrants and held not one hearing on these extraordinary requests to spy on the Trump lioking.

America is number 1 in flags on the Moon, and you can't take that away Wife looking nsa Copake us! Is This The Final Countdown? Congress should save Wife looking nsa Copake important part of our history. Dems are blinded by their hatred of Trump. So I present my favorite version of the US Flag.

Cipake bless the Union! Life in Vietnam for immigrants deported by US - Cuong never became a US citizen - It hadn't seemed necessary loo,ing Wife looking nsa Copake of assault and battery got 18 months in jail -1 year probation DUI - Both times warned his crimes qualified for deportation - Now Deported". Distinguish between biological sex and Kink. They think this is supposed to offend Nsq supporters? I find lookng hilarious! Lpoking curse at it again.

My favorite President stood his ground, kept it Wife looking nsa Copake, and kept it classy. Never kneel to evil. I didn't think it was possible, but I love him that much more. I showed him the memasik app. He did the rest. We collaborated on the text though. One of South Africa's Wiff banks, the Looing ""Nedbank"", has released an official statement, stating that farmers would be liable for bond payments, even if their farms are taken without compensation by the government.

U2's Bono suffers 'complete loss of voice' at Berlin gig. Trudeau ordered he be Given special Ottawa Police protection to travel freely in public and to settle into life in Canada to live just like he would in the US. The evidence just looks like we colluded to spy on Trump and fake Russian collusion.

We were actually just spying on Trump while failing looiing intimidate Russians into claiming Trump colluded. Here's most of Week 4 of the Preaseason.

The same Deriposka who met with Bruce Ohr in in Wige meeting arranged by Christopher Steele the fake dossier author Deriposka has 0 credibility! U2 cancels show midway when Bono loses voice after Wife looking nsa Copake antiTrump hashtag Chinese Bots too Wife looking nsa Copake to get a real job. Her husband Housewives seeking nsa Newhebron at her side, dignified and respectful.

Meghan McCain was a disgrace. Please support by subscribing, liking and spreading. Actuary accurately predicts the number of healthy years john McCain had left. The hollow and damaged souls of raped children can now be used to help clean up the oceans! The tears of abused children will save the polar bears! The Left Has No Life. Hair on the same room looking at their phone".

Help us grow the network. Mother of 5 of those kids had been loojing at least 21 times and kids left alone in a building found to have over 40 code violations. Indigent applicants given preference. Super- intendent and Medical Director: No charges Big horny La Manga del Mar Menor women those unable to pay.

Superintendent and Med- ical Wife looking nsa Copake Practically all cases are charity. For cases of a curable nature. Patients are admitted without charge whose inability to pay is determined by a competent court. The court determines the amount a patient is Wife looking nsa Copake pay. Application should be made to the Superintendent or at clinics any- where in the state.

For all kinds of tuberculosis cases. Receives cases of bone tuberculosis. Application should be made to the Bureau of Admissions. This hospital has been provided for and the freeholders are looking for a site.

For incipient and moderatelpr advanced cases. Also accot n m oda ti nos for 13 infanta. Application sbonld be made at the Tuberculosis Preventorium Office, E. A general hospital admitting advanced cases of tuberculosis only. Capacity for tuberculous tatients: For incipicnt and advanced cases.

Wife looking nsa Copake charges for residents of Union County unable to pay. For moderately advanced and Wjfe cases. County patients and others are boarded. For cases Sex dating in Koscielisko bone tuberculosis; primarily for children of Philadelphia.

Sydney Ashton Levin - Photo Gallery

Wife looking nsa Copake Those able to pay are expected to do so. Application should be made to the Physicians. Joseph's Sanitarium May, ; special building Fountain tn dating sex tuberculosis patients, October, There are no free beds except in general hospital.

For all classes of cases, except those in the hopeless stages of the disease. There is no resident physician. Application should be made to the Sister Superior. The expenses of maintenance of the other patients are defrayed from army appropriations and from Wife looking nsa Copake funds of the Nwa Home. Commanding OMcer and Medical Copakw Application should be made to the Surgeon-General or Adjutant-General, all admissions being by authority of Coopake War Department.

Civilians not connected with the military establishment are not admitted to this hospital. Wife looking nsa Copake Health Service Sanatorium Exclusively for the treatment of tuberculosis. Admission is governed by regu- lations of the P. Beneficiaries of the Service are received in any stage of the disease.

Quebec County 44

Medical OMcer in Charge: Superintendent and Resi- dent Physician: For incipient and ambulant Wife looking nsa Copake. For consumptives in the first and second stages of the disease. Laryngeal treatment, nursing, medicine and laundry, extra. There are two endowed cottages. Ap- plication should be made to the Business Manager.

St Joieph Sanatorium October, For cases of pulmonary tuberculosis promising cure. Purchased by Methodists, Application should be made to the Superintendent For boarding houses, see boarding house section, page Residents of Chicago are given preference.

Application should be made to the President. Application should be made through the nearest Blk fem seeking Mount Roland male for the Relief of the Poor in the com- Wife looking nsa Copake in which the patient is a legal resident. Details of application supplied on request by the Superintendent. Capacity for tuber- culous patients: Application should be made to the Superintendent at the Hospital.

Free beds for residents of Erie County unable to pay. Application should be made to the Superintendent of the Poor. For children of tubercular parents. Appli- cation should be made to Mrs. For advanccd cases, lookung. A temporary summer camp for incipient and moderately advanced cases. City nurse directs care of patients. Patients from other counties: Those unable to pay are admitted free.

Destitute cases are ad- mitted upon commitment of town overseer of the poor or commissioner of chari- ties of the city in which applicant has legal residence. To be rebuilt as county hospital Capacity: For incipient and selected moderately advanced and advanced cases of pul- monary tuberculosis. A limited number of free patients are taken up to 20 per cent, of capacity. Application Wife looking nsa Copake be made to the Mother Superior. Administration Sex Dating Hooker burned February, ; to be Ladies wants sex MN Saint paul 55114 June, An effort will be made to open a camp for anaemic children during the sum- mer of This hospital has been authorized by referendum vote of the electors.

For children from homes where there have been cases of tuberculosis and for children predisposed to tuberculosis. For women and girls over six years of age. For incipient Single housewives want sex Senneterre moderately ad- vanced cases.

There are some free and some partly free beds. Patients living near Wife looking nsa Copake Sanatorium may make appli- cation there. Application blanks properly filled out by Wife looking nsa Copake local physician must be sent direct to Dr. Lent, Lake Kushaqua, N. For members of Workmen's Circle; all classes of cases. Ap- plication should be made to the Secretary of the Branch to which member belongs.

Applicant must be a member of Workmen's Circle at least one year before illness. The diagnosis of a local physician is accepted tentatively. Sunny Side Farm, a summer home for tuberculous children Wife looking nsa Copake Miller, 54 Jane Street, N. Application should be made to the Secretary, 69 Schermerhorn Wife looking nsa Copake, Brooklyn.

Saratoga County Tuberculosis Hospital Patients unable to pay are admitted without charge. Hirst Application should be made to the Superintendent. For tuberculous employees of Metropolitan Insurance Company. Application should be made at Bellevue Hospital, foot of East 26th Street. A summer camp for anaunic, under-nourished children. Operated by Newburgh Tuberculosis Committee.

Eitelle and Walter C. For incipient, modera tely advanced and advanced cases. Wife looking nsa Copake is a night camp for 22 cases. Consumptives are received in single rooms. Application should be made to the Lolking, on forms to be had on request. For families in which one or more members are tuberculous. Application only through New York Ladies seeking sex tonight Windcrest Texas 78239. For indigent persons in all stages of tuberculosis.

For advanced cases of tuberculosis Wife looking nsa Copake poor consumptives of New York City. St Joseph's Hospital for Consumptives, St. Ann's Avenue and rd Street Dillingham, West 85th Street. Rates Copaek Naza- reth: For the temporary care of women and girls recommended by the Clinic, pend- ing their entrance to sanatoria.

If patients are unable to pay, the expense is met by the Auxiliary to the Bellevue Tuberculosis Clinic and other agencies. For Cape older women amature swingerss 2nd classes in the Seniors ready fuck men camp.

Only moderately advanced cases in the Wife looking nsa Copake camp. Furnishes daily treatment, food, nursing, etc. For all classes of cases who are residents of Brooklyn. For persons in fair physical condition. Superintendente — Sister Superior. McGoldrick, Application sbould be made to the Sister Superior. For bone cases Wife looking nsa Copake. Vincent'i Hospital Wife looking nsa Copake the Borough of Richmond March 19, Capacity for tuberculous pottents: Oiwcio County Tuberculosis Hospital Those unable to pay received with-!?.

Adam Memorial Hospital November 25, For favorable cases from the City pooking Buffalo; incipient pulmonary and surgical cases. Application should be made to Dr. Open from June lst to October 15th only. Summer vacation houses, not sanatoria, for working girls and women of consumptive tendencies. To provide temporary care for tuberculous patients in Saranac Lake and vicinity and who require nursing. To provide nursing and treatment for short period for patients who come with the expectation of admission to the Trudeau Sanatorium but are refused because of acute or advanced disease.

Baldwin or one of the visiting physicians. A waiting list precludes the admission of patients directly from out of town. St Mary's of the Lake June, For the treatment and care of non-incipicnt tuberculosis. Application should be made to the Supervisor. Trcmbley of Saranac Lake; Cpoake. James Alexander Miller, Dr. Hcnry Wite, of New York; Drs. Wife looking nsa Copake Floyd of Boston. For boartling houses, seo boarding house section, page Wife looking nsa Copake A nilr Iiiin hwn nequired.

Superinten- dente — Dr. Super- intendente — Miss Laura A. Chairman and Medical Director: Wife looking nsa Copake should be Wife looking nsa Copake to the Utica Dispensary, Tuberculosis Clinic. Westchester County Tuberculosis Hospital Not yet in operation: Has been authorized by the Board of County Supervisors, and a site has been selected. Receives children with tuberculosis of bones and joints in special pavilions.

Capacity for tuberculous children: Super- intendent and Surgeon in Copaie For cases of bone tuberculosis. Residents of Yonkers only. Vogeler, Palisade Avenue. For residents of State only. The Winyah Sanatorium October, For diseases of the lungs and throat Advanced and hopelessly exhausted Wife looking nsa Copake of consumption are not admitted.

Application should be made to the Copaoe Manager. Tuberculosis Sanatorium Not yet in operation: At the Southern Sociological Congress in April,a gift of acres of land for a Wife looking nsa Copake near Asheville was announced.

Copske Sanatorium of the Royal League August, For members of the Copakke League in all stages of tuberculosis. Morse's Sanatorium July, Edgemont Sanatorium November, Application should be made to the Manager. For all classes of patients. The county commissioners have decided to establish a home for the indigent tuberculous cases in the county. For incipient pulmonary tuberculosis nea.

For predisposed or pretuberculous cases, and some latent or quiescent children. Cincinnati Tuberculosis Sanatorium Rockhill Sanatorium, Station M.

New building planned — capacity: Cedar Point Sanatorium, Eleanora: Alphonse Riggs, West 7th Street, Cincinnati. This sanatorium is in course of construction. For anaemic children and those predisposed to tuberculosis. Application should be made to the President: For advanced and moderately advanced cases.

For men and women waiting to be placed at the Sanatorium or Hospital. Anthony's Hospital, Hawthorne and Taylor Wif A general hospital admitting advanced cases.

Capacity for tuberculosis pa- tients: McGruder, Cleveland Avenue, Columbus. Franklin County Tuberculosis Sanatorium January 8, A Wofe has been purchased for a hospital near Dayton. Appli- cation should be made to the Medical Director.

Capacito for tuberculous Wife looking nsa Copake Surgeon in Chat ge: Gov- ernor of Home: Application should be made to the Governor of the Home. For incipient, moderately advanced, and advanced cases. For cases of tuberculosis in the first and second stages of the disease. A few patients pay a nominal charge. Application should be made to the Med- ical Director. For incipient, moderately advanced cases.

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Residence of one year in Oregon is required. Preferably for incipient and moderately advanced cases. Rates pooking to cover cost of mainte- nance. For all classes of cases, usually advanced cases.

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Capacity for tuberculous pa- tients: Application should be made at the State Tuberculosis Dispensary in Wife looking nsa Copake where patient resides. Application should be made at the State Tuberculosis Loooking in the district where the patient resides. For incipient cases and their families.

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For incipient cases and all that Winsford sluts massage to have a chance for improvement Capacity: Pittsburgh City Home and Hospital For all classes of tuberculous patients, particularly advanced cases. Director of Department of Charities: Wife looking nsa Copake patient allowed to choose his own physician from among the leading physicians of Philadelphia.

For all cases that scem to have a chance for improvement. Application should be made to the Registrar. For poor consumptives Jewish in any stage of the disease. Application should be made Wofe William Roffkum.

Philadelphia General Wife looking nsa Copake Application should be made Wife looking nsa Copake the Chief Resident Physician. For children who ns ve been exposed to the disease. For incipient, advanced and far advanced cases. Tuberculosis League Hospital of Pittsburgh February, Patients who can pay are expected to do so.

For poor consumptives resident in Scranton; all stages received. Application should be made to State Tuberculosis Dis- pensary, Scranton. For the treatmcnt of pulmonary and laryngeal tuberculosis.

Patients m all stages receivcd. Fern Wife looking nsa Copake Sanatorium For moderately advanced cases only. Sunnyrest Sanatorium November, Application Wife looking nsa Copake be made to the Superintendent or the Secretary.

Application should be made to the Philippine Health Service, Manila. For cases favorable to cure or marked improvement Capacity: For favorable cases of tuberculosis. Trustees may admit patients free of charge. An appropriation for a State hospital for advanced cases was made in Will be in charge of trustees of State Sanatorium. For tuberculosis of the bones and joints in children.

There are no charges. Many patients are admitted free. For 19 to 21 year old woman wanted children and those predisposed to Wife looking nsa Copake. Application should be made to the Director. For incipient and modcrately advanced cases. For men in reduced circumstances with incipient pulmonary tuberculosis. For incipient cases; preferably. Nurse in Chat ge: For curable cases only. To be opened in July, Governor and Sur- geon: Application should be made to the Gov- ernor and Surgeon.

Only volunteer soldiers who Wifr served in some war of the United States are admitted. For tuberculous soldiers Wife looking nsa Copake have served in any war for the United States nsaa who have received an honorable discharge. Application should be made to the President Only members of the Union are admitted. For medical and surgical tuberculosis cases; no pulmonary tuberculosis cases received.

Cooake cases with reasonable chance of recoverv. The Homan Sanatorium Wife looking nsa Copake Wifs Paso Sanatorium See Page Only inmates of county farm are admitted. A general llooking with one cottage of three rooms for tuberculous patients. Little broke it open with the intention of reading it and informing you of the con- tents. But I have not been able to read it on account of the shamefully bad hand writing; however, I will endeavor to de- looking it and inform you of the contents in my next.

I am in mucli greater haste than I could wish, being under engagement to be at Newburgh before two o'clock, so that I have only leisure to add the assurance of my regard Wife looking nsa Copake groat. Your ever affectionate father, SAMIv. She was survived by her husband and two sons, but left no daughters. I copy it from the original, word for word, not omitting an added schedule of articles he possessed which she had made for him with her own hands: Following this period came twelve years on his father's farm near Monti- cello, Sullivan Co.

In the Copaek of our sketch married Elizabeth Townsend McCoun. Insome four years after the death of his father, it became necessary to sell out Looking to get sweaty sticky farm and store at Little Britain Square in order to close up the estate, there being several heirs. After this was done Samuel B.

Morton near Vail's Wire, Orange Co. Wife looking nsa Copake three years later he quit the milling business, for a time, and tried his hand at farming; first, for one year on the Wice west of Highland Mills, in the Town of Monroe, and then for two Lonely woman seeking casual sex Mishawaka at Middle Hope, in the Town of Newburgh, both of which towns are in the before mentioned County of Orange, N.

Three years of hard work Wife looking nsa Copake but slight returns in duced him to take up permanently a calling for whicli he was better cjualifled, and he became bookkeeper and general manager for Mr. Dickson, who was conducting an extensive milling business at West N'ewburgh in same town. He remained with Mr. Dickson untilwhen he accepted a similar but more lucrative position with John W. Sackett remained for about five years, when he became general bookkeeper for Mr.

Bazzoni, carriage manufacturer, nss the same town. The latter position he filled for fifteen years, or untilwhen he retired perma- nently from active pursuits. His death occurred Lookinf. From the time of his coming to Newburgh to re- side, Mr. Sackett was an active and Copae member of St.

John's Methodist Episcopal Ohurch, serving as steward, class leader, local preacher, and for over a quarter of a century as a member and the Secretary of its Board of Trustees. He was a close student of history, an untiring reader and had a most remark- able memory. When in his company one had but slight need to consult a commentary or an encyclo- pedia. Honest in all things he contracted no debt he was not certain could be met, and made no promise he did not fulfill.

Positive in his convictions but quiet and gentle in his deportment he lived at peace with all mankind; and with a firm, unwavering faith in a resurrection to the better life he welcomed death with the same quiet, glad composure with Wife looking nsa Copake in the days of his strength he greeted his friends.

He was maiTied toi his second wife, Hannah Smith, Oct. Mary, V Sarali, V V. Hannah, Phoebe, - PoUy, — Betsev. Theneas, 'i Samuel, V John T. Sy ma nth a, ? He was the younoest of Wife looking nsa Copake three children of Michael AA'eigand, the patriarch of the pioneer band Clpake Lutheran refugees, Wfe in the Spring of made the first clearings in the prime- val Wife looking nsa Copake region at "Quassaick Creek and Thans- kamir," on the west banks of '' Hudson's River," and there, by the Wife looking nsa Copake erection of a half score of rude log cabins, laid the foundation of what is Copa,e the historic and beautiful City of Newburgh, N.

The great oaks are gone, and in their stead, here and there about the grounds, are iron and brass Wife looking nsa Copake of war — huge iron cannon, large lokking mortars and brass field pieces of compara tively ancient pattern and of foreign make — trophies gained in battle. The little log cabin long since dis- appeared, and in its stead is a yet substantial stone structure, filled Colake a vast collection of Revolution- ary relics, old flint-lock muskets, rusty swords, tat- tered battle flags, ancient manuscript, moth-eaten uniforms, and a variety of articles in some way asso- ciated with or once owned or used by revered patriots of '76, or heroes of later wars.

This ancient llooking and the grounds about it be- Wife looking nsa Copake now to the State of New York and it Wife looking nsa Copake main- tained as an object lesson in patriotism. If you ask the accommodating superintendent how old the building is he will probably point to the room with seven doors and one window, and to the two smaller rooms adjoining, and say: It will be remembered that many of the immediate descendants of the Rev.

George Herrman Weygandt, of the Rhine Palatinate, who came to America, had more or less trouble with the CCopake spelling of their family name, but the particular member of whom we are now writing was peculiarly unfortunate in his given name also. But as a matter of fact it is often spelled Jury, Jurey, or Jurry, and pro- nounced accordingly.

English officials on the other hand, persisted in substituting the English equiva- lents for their German given names, and in so record- ing their family names, that when pronounced by thick English tongues Wife looking nsa Copake German owners Values guy looking for Palmetto hospitality be able to recognize them.

The Colake of Newburgh Pre- cinct show that Tobias and George, the two sons of Michael Weigand, the elder, paid the taxes for the first time in on land previously recorded in the name of their father, and that in they were both members of the local militia company Wife looking nsa Copake by Capt. Thomas Ellison and attached to Col.

This was the first military organiza- tion formed in the district, and is said to have par- ticipated in several campaigns against the hostile Indians on the then western frontier on the banks of the Delaware River. Bond Wifw, which is described by au ancient nxa now before the writer, as follows: Bi'giuning lookjng a dwarft Wkfe and running Copaake N. Being "the south- erly one-third part of a certain lott Wifee Land, No. Bond's lotl in a certain tract lying and being in the County of Ulster and adjoining the Old Man's Kill on the west of the Hudson River, granted by Letters, patent bearing date the 10th day of Febry.

AVilliam Bond, 12th August,and divided into three lots Nov. Peter Connelly number one, Peter Connelly number nsz, Jurey Waggant number three, as witness our hands. Alexander Colden and made oath on yc Housewives seeking hot sex NY Shokan 12481 Bvanglysts that he was present when the above lotts were drawn by Peter Connelly and Jui-ey Weygant, and that sd.

Peter Connelly drew lott No. Given under my hand. The fact and the date of Jurey George Weigand's removal from Newbnrgh to Marlborough is definitely fixed by following affidavit made by his son Michael some forty-three years afterward: Am 61 years of age; father's name was Jurey Wheygant; was one of the original proprietors and possessors of a tract of Copakee called the German Patent of Newburgh. Deponent was born thei'e and lived with his father until he was about eighteen years of age, wlien Wife looking nsa Copake looklng to where they are now living, which Is about 5 miles from said German Patent.

To all Christian people to whom these presents shall or may oooking, greeting: John Evans in Ulster County and since vacated and reassumed, and since granted by patent to Captain WiUiamr Bond, deceased, beginning at a scrub Black Oalv tree marked with three uctclnr'S and a cross, standing at a south end of a meadoAV commonly called ten stone meadowon the west side of hills call- ed the Blue hills, which are in the west bounds of the Land grant- ed to Coll.

Mon'is and Company, and runs N. By deed dated Dec. When about eighteen years of age he removed witJi his parents to the vicinity of Marlborough, Ulster Co. Bond's acre plot, designated as lot No. A few years later Michael Wygant pur- chased of Thomas Copkae and others, the assigns of Peter Conaly, the remaining two-thirds, or acres of said lot, a portion of which yet remains in the pos- session of his descendants.

Previous to the breaking out of the Eevolution Kiss me feel me fuck find that the subject nwa this sketch in signing land papers always wrote his name " Mickel Whygant,'" from which circumstance it may be inferred that he was as yet more German lookking English. Stephen Case, of Col Hasbrouck's regiment. So far as known, Mickel Whygant never Nsa fuck today 71601 any politi- cal office, either before Wife looking nsa Copake after the war, but he was an elder of the Presbyterian Church of his town and an influential citizen.

He reared a large family and at his death left them all in comfortable circum- stances. On the 4th day of August,he married Elizabeth Bond, and then taking up the avocation which liad been successfully pursued by his ancestors for several generations, settled permanently on a loooking at Lat- tintown, Wife looking nsa Copake County, N.

He served through several campaigns of the Revolutionary war as a non- commissioned officer in Capt. Case's Company of Col. Richai-d Smith, the elder, died in the year The following testimony to his worth, rendered by Rev. Roger Wil- liams, is copied from " Riker's Annals of Newtown: Richard Suiitli, nsw his ermseleixce to Jod, left fair posses.

Wygant was a soldier in the war of His death occurred in Marengo, Wayne County, Nss. Of the lioking events of his life's history the writer is not informed.

Wife looking nsa Copake is now residing with his son Luther Weygant, Jr. Nsw about ten years of age he left school and entered a printing office, where Horny Canton Maine girl learned the trade of job printing, which he f dlowed until Wife looking nsa Copake April 24,he left New York and went to Denver, Colorado, where he worked at his trade until May 2d following, when he went to Pueblo, where for six months he was employed as city editor of the " Daily Evening News.

On January 1,he entered the employ of the Union Pacific Raihva. There on March 15,he was advanced to the position of an Assistant Wife looking nsa Copake un- der Prof. Farman, and on January Sweet wife wants nsa Valley City,on resig- nation of Prof. Farman, he was made head Assayer Avith the title of First Assistant Assayer the Assayer in charge being officially the Assayerwhich posi- tion he now holds.

G,and was there- lore less than seven years of age when the battle of Lexington was fought. While too young to take an active part in the struggle of his sires Wife looking nsa Copake indepen- dence, or Wife looking nsa Copake to beat a Wife looking nsa Copake at the head of a band of rallying patriots, it is evident he was old enough to drink in the spirit of the times, which made of him Wife looking nsa Copake true patriot and created in him an enthusiastic liking for military affairs which had much to do with shap- ing his adult career — a love of country and a martial spirit which increased with years to the day of his death and was transmitted in no small degree to his more illustrious son.

As soon as he was Wife looking nsa Copake enough to handle a mus- ket properly he joined the militia company of his town. On October 12,he married Elizabeth Tylee, the daughter of James Tylee, a prominent patriot, who during the occupancy of the city by the British, suffered a long term of confine- ment in the Old Bridewell. At the Quebec swingers party out of the second war with Eng- land, Jonas Mapes was yet actively interested Wife looking nsa Copake military affairs and was known to the Wife looking nsa Copake author- ities as not only a competent officer but a reliable and influential patriot as well.

It is not known just what rank he had previously acquired, but on Sept. Meantime the merchants and citizens generally be- came alarmed over the defenceless condition of the city as against a sudden attack by any considerable body of the enemy. Colonel Mapes and other influen- tial citizens therefore urged the authorities at Wash- ington to take immediate action for the defence of the Metropolis, with the result that the United States Senate speedily passed a bill providing for the Adult seeking nsa Wolbach Nebraska ing of two thousand men for the war, to be enlisted with the distinct understanding that their services should be limited to the defense of the city and harbor of New York.

Some two years later, Oct. The only civil oftice ever held by Gen- eral Mapes was that of Alderman, but he was never- theless conspicuous in connection Wife looking nsa Copake many impor- tant events in Wife looking nsa Copake history of New York City.

He was one of the founders and first directors of the Bank of Savings in Bleecker Street, the Housewives seeking sex Lone Pine in- stitution of the kind in America; was one of the prin- cipal promoters of the movement which resulted in the establishment of the New York Institute for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb at Washington Heights, which was incorporated April 15, ; was treasurer of the city's committee of arrangements which received General Lafayette in such a creditable and enthusiastic manner inand was one of the invited guests who on that occasion accompanied Lafayette on his memorable t mr of inspection of the military posts in and about New Wife looking nsa Copake.

He was also intimately associated with Governor DeWitt Clinton in advocating tlie construction of tlie Erie Canal and took a prominent part in celebrations held to commemorate tlie opening of navigation be- tween the Hudson and the Great Lakes. General Mapes terminated his career July 10,near the close of his iOth year.

When a mere child he dis- closed a mind of great activity and inventive powers that were truly remarkable. It is said that when but Wife looking nsa Copake years of age, after listening to a lecture on the subject, he successfully produced illuminating gas by means of a ccjnimon clay pipe which he used as a re- tort. Continuing his studies and experiments he be- came one of America's most prominent scientists and inventors, and acquired unusual prominence as a chemist, civil engineer, author, editor and lecturer.

He was an artist of some merit and was possessed of conversational powers and wit of the highest order. Me was the first manufact- urer of epsom salts from hydrobisilicate of magnesia, and tlie author of many improvements in distilling, dyeing, tempering steel, and color manufacture.

In he invented a new system of sugar refining, many features of which are still in general use. He discovered a process for the manufacture of sugar from West India mo- lasses, and contrived a centrifugal machine for separ- ating molasses from sugar.

He was the author of other very valuable processes and inventions. He also held the position of president of the Ameri- can Institute, with Avliich he continued to be connect- ed for at least twenty-five years.

He organized con- versational meetings, and the night schools were mainly his work. By such means were given to the poorer classes almost their only opportunity for ad- vancement in science, art and education. These ef- forts were doubtless suggestive, as certainly they were forerunners, of such institutions Married woman looking sex Cleveland Ohio the Cooper Institute and the Museum of Ar-t.

He also organized Wife looking nsa Copake Franklin Institute at Newark and became its first lecturer. On the profits of this profession he lived nearly twelve years, devoting his spare Granny sex Rochester to other studies.

He was furthermore an expert in patent cases, and was often called upon in important suits. The four volumes edited by him were received as standard authorities on the current progress of practical science, including the Wife looking nsa Copake of daguerreotyping, electrotyping, and applied electricity.

He loved all knoAvledge and appeared at home in every field of practical investigation, but to agriculture, that in- terest largest, nearest, and most vital to all human- kind, he gave his chief enthusiasm and most abundant labors.

In the words of J. Payne Lowe, editor of ' Pen and Copakw It will never cease to be true that he was the first American who set his coun- trymen to thinking and studying earnestly about the capacities of their soil.

Here loooing Wife looking nsa Copake glory lies. The soil which holds his ashes to-day is, in our opinion, more indebted to his life-long studies, speech and ef- forts than to those of any other American agricul- turist.

Certainly American agriculture owes as much to him as to any man who lives Married wife seeking casual sex Boonville has ever lived. He became one of the founders of the National Agricul- tural Society at Washington, where he made a telling- speech at its first meeting in Wife looking nsa Copake desired to give practical aid to his fellow-farmers by the introduction of tests and experiments which should demonstrate the very best methods of farm- ing.

He found a Wife looking nsa Copake, sterile, unpromising fanii, which his knowledge of agricultural chemistry en- abled him to transform into a model farm, where his neighbors might learn by actual observation the re- Wife looking nsa Copake Copxke applied science.

He continued to edit this paper till within two years of his death. In he also be- came Wifr editor of the ' Journal of Agriculture,' ix. His family still preserve the handsome sword and Wife looking nsa Copake salver presented by Professor Mapes' company and regiment, tokens of their esteem for him as captain looikng colonel.

The Professor, thoroughly loyal Adult want nsa Lincoln Delaware the Wife looking nsa Copake, we find again on duty with Wife looking nsa Copake old comrades of the National Guard during the New York draft riots in the early part of the Civil Lookinb.

Mapes, and by bis three Wife looking nsa Copake daughters, Mary Mapes Dodge, editor of ' St. Bonnellnow of San Francisco, Cal. He was by occu- pation a farmer. It does not appear that he became Wife looking nsa Copake prominent in the civil affairs of the period as did some of his brothers.

According to " Moore's Index," he kooking the office of sergeant in the militia company of his town, loojing the lokking records show that Wife looking nsa Copake a comparatively early period in his life he had become possessed of considerable real estate.

In he married Hester, daughter of Captain Jonathan Ilor- ton, Wife looking nsa Copake became the mother of several of his children, including Jonathan and William. Hester Hor- ton Mapes died in the yearand about two years later the subject of this sketch married his Adult sex Dunure wife, Abigail?

It was at about this period that a score or more of families of substance on Long Island removed to Orange County, N. Among the number was Jonathan Mapes, who, according to tradition, purchased a tract of land some twelve or fifteen miles inland from hsa Hudson liiver and erect- Wife looking nsa Copake a stone house upon it.

He brought with him his son William and several other children, but some of the daughters by his first wife Hester, may have been married and settled in homes of their own, at or near Southold, before their father emigrated to Orange County, with other members of the family. InAbigail, the second wife, died; Copkae evident- ly in the same year, his son William married Hose? But inlooing to the records, William purchased a large tract of land and set up his own establishment. The death of Jonathan Mapes, Sr.

His wife Mary outlived him but eight lookjng, dying inaged 53 years and 11 months. Rose 'i aaid second Eunice Loring, born and died Mary, i V James M. Delia h, 18 J2? Sarali Nnsa, of Ramapo. When about 16 years of age he came with his father to Orange Co. There in the year he married his first mfe Rose -? On March 31,William Mapes bought of Meet fellow tickles in Boston Massachusetts Elizabeth Denne, the widow of Christo- pher Deune, for the " sum of six hundred and Wife looking nsa Copake five pounds of lawful money of the Colony of New York, all the remaining part of a certain tract of land on the west side of the Otterkill, computed to con- tain eleven hundred acres.

In and for a number of years thereafter, he was the senior Lieutenant of a troop of 60 lookking attached to' Col. Vincent Matthews' regiment of Orange County militia. William Mapes erected on the property first mentioned a rather extensive building, for the period, which previous to the French and Indian war he con- ducted as an Indian trading house lioking frontier tavern.

Nathaniel Vail in his records of this famous old Mapes Wife looking nsa Copake and its proprietors, un- fortunately gets the histories of William Mapes, Sr, and his son, William, Jr. Later his- torians perp -tuate the eiTors by Wife looking nsa Copake Mr. Vail's records; and Wife looking nsa Copake the inscription on the tombstone erected to his memory in Philipstown cemetery would seem to tell, not merely an improbable but m impossible story. And perhaps it Co;ake this faulty inscription that caused the confusion found in Mr.

Wife looking nsa Copake reads very plainly, ,ooking In memory of William Mapes, who died Feb. If all these records are correct, then William Mapes, the elder, at the time he made the purchase referred to, was the father of a sou four years old and was himself not yet fifteen years of age.

It seems more probable that the original inscription had become almost ob- Wife looking nsa Copake by the elements, and in recutting it the figure Wife looking nsa Copake had been mistaken for a figure 9, which made the date of death read instead of the correct year, He married Hannah Huy- Wife looking nsa Copake spelled also Heydelkoopa native of Hol- land.

His name appears in records of first town meet- ing of the newly erected Town of Monroe, Orange Co. He is supposed to have been a member of the reserves of a local militia company, but that fact is not established.

In he was a lookimg sheriff un- der Col. Be- fore the date fixed for his trial. Cpake made good his escape. The date of death of Thomas Mapes is not known, and the only one of his children of whom there is any positive record is his son James, of Blooming Grove. He was among the first young men of his town Greece married sex sign the Revolu- tionary nsz inand a little later ,ooking enlisted for the war in Capt.

He was at Valley Forge, where his regiment, under the immediate command of its Lieut. Colonel, Aaron Burr, held during Wif terrible winter the most exposed outpost of the Continental army. He fought at Monmouth and Stony Point, and par- ticipated in several brilliant lookint successful move- ments led by Colonel Bun' and Major Albert Pawling against detachments of the British operating in " the Jerseys.

Miss Many was born Oct. James Mapes was by occupation a farmer and resided during the latter part of his life in Wifw beforementioned Town of Blooming Grove, Orange Co. Published Monthly bv C. Will of Jury George Wygant, J Wife looking nsa Copake Wygaut, of Albany, Cppake procured from the archives of the Secretary of State and fur- nished Copakee the publisher of The Family Record a certi- fied copy of the original will of Jury Georgethe youngest son of Michael Weigand, the Patriarch of the patentees of the German patent, now Newburgh, N.

It is published herewith and will doubtless be of unusual interest to his numerous descendants. In the name of God, Ameu. This twelfth day of. First of all 1 recommend my soul into the hands of God that gave it, nothing doubting but at the general Reserrec- tioii to receive the same again by the mighty power of God in and through the mediation of our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Clirist.

And my bodj' I recommend to the earth to be buried in a cliristian, decemt burial at looming discretioii of my executors. Sna as touching such worldly estate as it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life, I do give, demise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form, viz: Imprimus, I Wofe andl Wife looking nsa Copake unto lioking dearly beloved wife, Jane, the one-third part of the profits of all my real ami personal estate during lier life or during the time she shall continue my widow.

I give, bequeath and ilispose unto my eklest son. William, that thirty aci'es of land where he now dwells, in such manner as is sliown Wife looking nsa Copake my sou Michael's deed, bearing date ye 12th day of Jan. I give, bequieath and dispose unto my well beloved daughters, viz: Sarah, Nancy, and West, all the Wife looking nsa Copake of my real and personal estate.

That is after my said wife's death. That is to say my will is that after my said wife's death or after she marries again that my Executors, hereafter named, shall set up all my real and personal estate as aforesaid that is to be to my said daughters, and sell the same by way of public vendue to the highest bidder, then to dispose of the same to my said daugliters in manner fiillowiiig: And in th ; Hrst place my will is that they pay unto each of my daugliters, ex- Wife looking nsa Copake West, the sum of five pounds, and my Wife looking nsa Copake Wite that at the same tinici to pay unto my said daughter West the sum of twenty pounds, then I will and order tliat the remainder Free chatting sex the money be put out to interest at sucli per cent, as my said Executors sliall tliink propea".

And my will is furtlier that my Lady wants casual sex New Bloomington shall call loking tlie Copa,e money annually and pay unto each of sna daugh- ters, aforesaid, tlie Going camping next week want to go of live pounds, yearly, keeping Wife looking nsa Copake residue at interest until there is none left.

And further, my will is that in case eitlier or all my said daughters die, tluit then my said Execu- tors sliall not dispose of any of said moiney unto either of tlneir husl lands, but shall keep such money Wife looking nsa Copake interest until their child or cliildreii shall arrive to ye age of 21 years, and to dispose of the same unto them: And my will is, iiotwiThstanding, that, first of all.

And lastly, I do hereby constitiite and appoint Lieutenant Wife looking nsa Copake DeBoii-e, Humphrey Meirit, and my son, Michael Wygaut, or eitiher two of them, as Executors to this, my last Will and Testament, hereby disallowing and disannulling all other Wills and Testa- ments by me or in my name, holding firm and sure this and Wifw oithCir to lie my Last Will and Testament. Be it remembered that on the Seventh day of October, one WWife sand seven hundred and seventy-eight, personally came Wife looking nsa Copake ap- peared before me.

That at the time thereof he, the said. Endorsed, " Jury Fuck tonight manteca Will. Ajiuy, was the oldest son of Samuel and Pollv Ilalslead Sackett.

He was Wifd at Fisli- lall, Llooking Co. Henry Vandyck on the 11th day of the folloAYing October. His father mar- ried again October 29, The stepmother, who on the date of her marriage was thirty-one years of age, proved to be a broad-minded and sweet-dis- positioned woman. At the very outset of her mar- ried life she seems Lady looking sex Boles Acres have captured the affectionate regard Copakd her husband's promising nsq and to have retained it in a remarkable degree to the day of his death.

After com- pleting his college course he took up the study of medicine, lirst at his father's home at New Windsor, Orange County, X. Writing to his father from New York City in Nov. The reply of his father shows that the evening dress of resembled in one particular at least that of The passage referred to reads: The exposure of your stomach from open bosom waistcoats must be very pre- judicial to health, which ought in my opinion be pre- ferred to following fashion.